Thursday, February 28, 2013

Go Bold and Stand Out: Get the Summer Vibe

I am sooooooo feeling the heat, aw yeah! Summer, definitely, is just around the corner. Hurray! Now, where is that teeny-weeny bikini? "It's time to hit the beach and strut in that teeny bikini, baby" (Cue: Careless Whisper), says my inner goddess. "Oh, please, like you can really wear anything close to a bikini!", says my killjoy 'reality' self. 

And that, is how I wake up.

Note to self: Stop talking to yourself.

Anyway, despite the occasional drizzles, it is basically almost summertime. Yay! I love summer! It usually means being able to plan fun beach getaways with friends and not worrying about classes. Despite me still having office work, it's easier to file for a leave during this time, because I do not have to consider my students and my classes. Aside from that, summertime is also a great time to dress playful and laid-back. Although I've always been a fan of layering, I also love colorful prints and comfy pieces that go well with the heat.

To prepare for the summer, I am now starting to collect summer-appropriate pieces and browsing for some tips and advices for pulling off a gorgeous summer look; and here are just some that I wish to share with you.

Go Bold and Stand out

Colors - whether pastels or neon brights - are so summer-ready! Can anything scream summer more than those bright hues and cool pastels? Donning on colorful pieces also makes us look great in pictures because the light from the sun allows the colors to look so vibrant and fresh making us pop on pictures better. 

So, here are just few items that I think every lady has to have in preparation for those summer getaways and casual strolls around town. 

Colorful Sundress

Pretty-colored sundresses definitely are a must-have this season. Not only do they make you look fresh and cool, they also give you an instant sexy, stylish and feminine air. 

Multi-colored Totes

Aren't these summer totes so adorable? Hit the beach in style with these bold, colorful totes. They also go well with casual basic look for a stroll around town or a cutesy picnic with friends. These totes are not only pretty enough for your summer outfits, but are also big enough to carry all your summer essentials. 

Vibrant Tanks and Tops

Beat the summer heat with these gorgeous tanks and tops! These delish-looking pieces do not only give you instant ventilation, but also adds character to your over-all look. Pair these with equally vibrant shorts or plain denim ones, and you're good to go!  

Flirty Floral Skirts

I love floral skirts. Whenever I feel so girly-girly, floral skirts like these are the first thing that pop on my mind. These floral numbers are also very summer appropriate. They always make us look fresh and vibrant without us putting so much effort. With a comfy loose or cropped bustier tank to pair with, we would seem to be screaming SUMMER all day long! 

Bold Statement Accessories

Bold accessories make a statement on their own. Even a plain top and basic jeans can look dressy when paired with the right accessories. This summer, it's really wise to invest in accessories such as these. They help a lot in communicating or concealing your mood, whichever you think is appropriate. 

This is the first part of my three ready-for-summer posts, so watch out for the rest of the series! 



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