Monday, February 18, 2013

Of Colorful Inspiration: Aztec Painted Skirt

One of the many joys of being an artist is simply making fun out of what you love. And this is one of those.

Recently we have been drooling over these aztec printed clothing and the like, not to mention my secret love for Bestie's aztec designed wedge here. Cutie isn't it? Sadly, I have never come to see as pretty of a wedge as that in shops here. Sigh. But oh this brain of mine just wouldn't stop working. So, since my bestfriend acrylic paint is here, why not make my own prints? To start off is this! Tadaaah!!


Now I have to sell this over at my shoppe. Sniff! I wish i could have this all to myself but whew, I'm making a living here! Ok, business talk now, price starts at 249 only. Yep! And you'll get that 25% off when you hit like & share pastelleshoppe and forallthingspretty on facebook. Easy! Want more? Get a surprise freebie from us! Just tell us why you love this skirt by sharing your comment below! Oh spoiler me! haha!

So, that's probably it. I had to share it with you all because I had fun doing this aztec painting with a little doodle on the side. hehe Hope you'll have fun too! ciao!

Jhet ;)
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