Saturday, March 2, 2013

Food Trippin': Pinky's

So, here's another new segment on the blog. While Jhet and I are still on the lookout for pretty stylista girls who deserve a spot on our Featured Pretty segment, we decided to also talk about another one of our loves - FOOD. This segment basically tackles the different restos, snack shops, street food, and anything food related in our little city and the other places that we will soon get to visit. We are no experts in food, but we love to eat. Hence, this segment basically relies on our taste buds and our keen evaluation on over-all prettiness. 

So, first up: Pinky's Sweets, Light Bites, & Tea. 

Pinky's is relatively new in Dumaguete. I remember passing by the shop sometime in November and the foodie in me almost dragged me towards the shop. Good thing I was able to grab ahold of her and smacked her back in my body before she slips away dragging my other selves with her (yes, there are a lot of them inside me. tsk!). 

I've been meaning to visit the shop for some time now, but my schedule just won't allow me. Add to that is the shop's location. Being situated along the North National Highway, it kind of loses reach to people living down south and the metro. 

Anyway, Jheck and I finally had the chance to visit Pinky's last Friday. PMS dictated that I eat something sugary, and the first thing that popped on my mind was Pinky's. 

When we arrived at the shop at around 5:30pm, we were the only customers (which is good because I won't have to worry so much about other people's ogling while I take pictures), but a few others joined us later (after the picture-taking, thank goodness!). I wanted to try their cakes, but sadly, the one I like is not available by the slice. The only ones they sell by slice is strawberry roll that doesn't appeal to me that much. They have mini cakes available, but the size just scared me - NOT SO MINI AT ALL. So, we ordered spaghetti, chicken sandwich and Cookies and Cream blend for Jheck; and fudge brownies and Black Forest Frappe for me (too much of a sweet tooth, eh? But I'm PMSing!). 

Their spaghetti, for me, is two notches sour and not meaty, and the noddles stick to each other that you have to slice (instead of roll) them with your fork to get enough for one bite.

I did not find lettuce on their chicken sandwich, and I did not taste any chicken either. Sad.

Cookies & Cream blend. Not so appealing presentation and on the bland side.

Black Forest Frappe. On the bland side. I wasn't really happy.

Fudge brownies. Now this made me happy. :-) I love these brownies. They're chewy and has just the right sweetness to it. They're also mini enough for two small bites, so even though I devoured two, I still felt guiltless. Hihi...

I wish I got to taste their cakes, though. Some of what they have on display looks yummy, only that, again, they are only available in scary sizes. Well, if you have somebody to share it with, then go and try. In our case, we have to be careful with Jheck's sugar intake, because they have diabetes history in the family; so him getting half of that cake is not very wise. 

The shop's interior is comfy and relaxing. Its brown-and-lime theme is business-like with a hint of playful youth vibe - like bridging generations - which makes it perfect for business coffee meetings or casual barkada hang-outs.  

FaTP recommends: 
            - smaller cake sizes
            - sweeten their blends just a little bit more
            - provide a menu with pictures and details on it. 
            - that staff give recommendations and tell the customers what the best sellers are

So, will I go back there again? Yes, to try their cakes and their malunggay slush. 

Will I recommend it? Not until I prove that their cakes, malunggay slush, those colored beverages and fruit beers are worth it. I wish to try all of them real soon for a more detailed post (hint*, hint*, hint*... Hi, Pinky's Manager! hihi)

You can check out Pinky's Facebook page for menu details and other announcements:

On an unrelated note, here's what I wore. ;) 

'Til the next Food Trippin' post!


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