Saturday, February 16, 2013

But, aren’t we all?

Today, is one of those days that I feel all burned out and exhausted of everything that I do, most specifically – blogging. I know other novice bloggers feel the same way sometimes, especially if they don’t feel like they’re moving forward and seem to be getting stuck at where they are longer than they intend and expect to.  

I’m bugged by these self-inflicted issues lately, discussed these with Jhet, and scans for self-help articles from the blogging community (yeah, I know that sounds pathetic, but what do you expect from a Melancholic?).  Thankfully, though, I came across some blogs – better and bigger ones – that had faced similar issues at least once in their web life. So, yeah, I think I’m feeling better now.

I will spare you from these nonsensical dramas, don’t worry, and get on with our usual posting.  If you are a follower of this blog, you will know that the dress I'm wearing is actually a maxi skirt.  The one that I wore here.  That's what I really like about maxi skirts, they're so versatile.  I also have another piece of maxi skirt that has been getting a lot of attention and compliments, whether I use it as a dress or a skirt. Remember this one?  This has got to be one of my popular posts; it caused a lot of page views and likes. 

The skirt is actually wide and pleated, so I opted to tie it around the waste with a belt.  I also included in the tying that knitted Cotton On blazer that I got from a bazaar so as not to make me feel and look baggy.  

Sometimes, I feel so narcissistic and vain with what I have been doing.  If I say I'm not, that would just prove and establish the fact that I really am, wouldn't it?  So, yeah, I think you can say that I am; but aren't we all?  Isn't promoting and advertising one's self the real core and the bottom-line of everything in this age of social media?

Now, I really am feeling better.

Maxi skirt used as dress - thrifted
Cotton On blazer - bazaar
Sandals - Liberte
Accessories - a mall in Cebu (except for that knotted cloth bracelet that's a DIY by Jhet)
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