Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thoughts from a Dear Friend

Everything happens for a reason. Everything, specially the people we meet along the way. People come into our lives unexpectedly for some reason. I believe in destiny so much that I believe certain circumstances happen either for a good reason or bad. But it doesn't come by without teaching us a lesson. 

"Everything happens for a reason", a thought from a dear friend. I met her a year ago at my previous workplace. What I thought of just another regular customer turned out to be a good friend. The first time we got to chat, it happened right there in an instant. A connection. I felt comfortable with her like I've known her. We have almost the same perspectives and common interests. Even though she's already a wife, a mother of two and a new mamita of two beautiful grandchildren, we just click! Whenever we meet up to discuss the project, we always catch up on each other. Oh, so much chat going on! We are both introverts, choose our friends carefully and take much care of our privacy. Our age gap might be quite far, but we are a bit the same. 

The last project we had was the second volume of her daughter's photobook. She gave me this dress as her thank you gift, for keeping up with her and the patience I brought to the project. But seriously, I had fun! It's what I love! Just lovely. 

So, I believe that I met her for a good reason, just because recently she told me what simple pleasures we seek for in life. As we get older, we'll soon realize that money isn't all that. She has been a good wife to her husband, a loving mother to her two children and now what she wants is for herself--to be there with her little grandchildren. In this life full of so many things, what we really need is very little. Why stay and wait for what we want when we have our own free will to choose and chase down what we really need? What makes you happy makes you happy. Why wait?



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