Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainy Day Dressing

And just when I'm about to publish my ready-for-the-summer post, Typhoon Crising decided to appear and cross the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Ugh! Talk about perfect timing!

So, instead of talking about possible summer outfits, I decided to write about rainy day dressing instead. Ha! I'm versatile like that! :D

I usually plan at night my look for the next day, which is why I do not look very rainy day appropriate today. I just donned what I planned to wear and wished that the rain would eventually stop. I also can't risk making sudden outfit changes, as I usually just squeeze in all the prepping in ONE hour. That means, if I change my prepared outfit, I need to spend additional minutes that I don't have. 

What I love about rainy days is the chance to layer. Being in a country where it's sunny most time of the year, rainy days are the only chance for us to strut in layered outfits or wear booties without attracting so much attention. There are actually a lot of opportunities during rainy days, fashion-wise, and here are just some of my favorites:

1. Matching your umbrella with your outfit

And looking extra cute! Need I say more? Just lookie!

Picture from here.
2. Feeling cozy in sweater.

I love sweaters! But despite them being easy to style, comfort still is key; and we sometimes tend to risk that with them. During the cold, rainy weather, however, style and comfort are assured in sweaters. 

Photo from here.

3. Layers, baby! (Got it? hahaha! No? Fifty of Shades of Grey! Hello?)

As mentioned above, this is such a rainy-days-advantage. Yeah, like try wearing scarf and tights on other days! 

Photo from here.

4. Brighten up the day with colors

It's gloomy outside; now why don't we try to brighten it up with a colorful outfit? 

Photo from here.

5. Style it with hoodies

Hoodies have got to be your rainy day staples. Strut in style while having an instant cover up when it rains.

Photo from here
Ah, so now you're ready! Enjoy the cold, pretties! Opportunities to dress up like this do not come very often. Let us just pray that Crising leaves right away and doesn't cause any trouble to the country.
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