Monday, February 25, 2013

Featured Pretty: Bashang

Alright ladies, meet our first featured pretty girl! 

We first caught her as "Bashang" on the social networking media. We then started to tease her with the name which is a character, "Lola Bashang", in our Filipino class. Little did we expect that she actually used it on her FB account and people then referred to her as such. I think it's cute, having the nickname "Bash"; though I call her Shang! Haha!

During our college days, standing out from the crowd had always been Bashang's habit, and she seemed to do it without exerting too much effort at all. She never fails to look so stylish and pretty everyday. 

Bashang's cuteness; laid-back, effortless style; and her fearless take on combining pieces to create a look that's totally hers, truly make her deserving of the very first spot on our Featured Pretty segment.   

So, here's just a few things you have to know about Bashang. 

Basic Data:
Bash Shang, 23

Fashion inspiration. I don’t have any specific fashion icon. I opt for the fashion they wear. Dressing up expresses who you are and the mood you are in, so basically, fashion depends on you. As long as it fits “me”, I’d definitely wear it.

Daily staples. Work outfit is the usual skinny jeans and body fit blouses paired with sneakers, sandals or doll shoes. I also go out with my jumpsuits because it’s pretty cute and comfy. And cute dresses too! 

How do you describe your style? 
Cute and laid-back.

Where do you usually shop?
Boutiques and malls.

Have you always loved dressing up? If not, when and what was your fashion-turning-point?
Back in my college days I was encouraged by my mom to dress up. She wanted me to style my clothes a bit. It made me realize too that what you wear reflects yourself. Your style completes you, and it makes you feel like walking under the spotlight with the paparazzi around. It makes you feel more confident. 

What are the items that you just can’t leave the house without?
I can’t leave the house if I haven’t applied my Olay cream, my Fashion 21 two way cake powder, a little blush of Maybelline New York and a color of Revlon lustrous lipstick. I also love Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists, so that is definitely a must before going out.

What is your stand in dressing up and being stylish?
I dress up because this is what I want and what I love. It makes me complete when I think of styling myself in my own fashionable way.

What contains your fashion wish list for this year?
A pair of booties!

What is your fashion-wise message/advice for the other ladies out there?
To all the ladies who haven’t put colors in their lives, come on out of your shell. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself through styling your clothes. Forget about being an ugly duckling ‘cause all of us deserves to become a stunning swan. Just be confident enough to show the world what you've got!


Who will be the next featured pretty stylista? Stay tuned, lovies!

Blazer: Jhet's
Balloon Dress: Mall
Leggings: Mall
Shoes: Converse
Accessories: Mall
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