Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Love is not all red. It can be a black and pink combo, too!

Happy Valentines Day, lovies! And no, I'm not being bitter with this LBD. Porke ba naka-black on VDay, bitter agad? Di ba pwedeng delayed post lang to muna? hehe...

For this post, allow me to introduce to you my newest love... so, read on. ;)

Look at my pretty collar necklace. It's so cutey, isn't it? That one's actually Jhet's DIY. She's such a sweet, crafty girl, and I keep on pushing her to create more and make some serious money out of it. Like, really, we do not want to make that creativity go to waste, do we? Hey, Jhet!   

Here it is, pretties! My new Budapest cut-out booties! Aren't they adorable?! Their fuschia-ness is just so gorgeous. They're pretty eye-catching, too! I have had several compliments for them already, and I often hint the jealousy in the eyes of those ladies I pass by. Well, I can't blame them, I'd probably be super jealous myself to see somebody wearing these cute-ies.

I got this lovely pair just recently from Hebe Manila, and I still can't get over its comfy feel and prettiness that I constantly remind myself to stop obsessing and use my other shoes, too! True story.  

Dress - H&M
Collar necklace - Jhet's DIY
Cloth braided bracelets - Jhet's DIY
Spikes bracelet - Gorgeous 
Rosary bracelet - a monastery in Cebu
Budapest cut-out booties - Hebe Manila
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