Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Easy-Breezy Online Shopping

Just recently, I discovered this online shopping site and just fell in love with its products instantly! Shop this Easy offers quite a wide range of products, but is pretty much like a one-stop shop for women. It sells gorgeous clothes not only for women, but for their men, as well; trendy accessories; cutesy home decors, which I'm honestly having a hard time to resist; pretty, pretty bags; and even interesting health and beauty products. 

I am not the most patient person in the world, which is why efficiency in dealing with customers is a major issue to me. I hate it when I have to wait for days before my order gets confirmed; and when it finally does and I get the payment instructions, another few days of agonizing wait before I get my hands on the coveted item.

With Shop this Easy, online shopping is soooo easy and hassle-free! Their system is so efficient and reliable. You just browse through their shop and add to your Cart those you like to purchase, and when you're done, you just proceed with Cash Out and get redirected to their Account and Shipping Details Form. Payment instructions will then be showed to you, plus you get a copy of the instructions sent to your e-mail. Now, that's efficiency!

Service is also really fast. I placed an order one Friday and received the items 2 days after, on a Monday. The transaction to delivery period is basically just over the weekend! I didn't feel a thing! 

Everything is basically recorded in your Account, even the shipment tracking number for your reference.

The Order Log details is what I find really note-worthy. Every transaction relative to your ordered items is efficiently recorded for your guidance. With this, you are spared from worries and doubt, because you know all the whereabouts of your order. 

Now, why don't you try it for yourself?

P.S.: Outfit posts for my new Shop this Easy items, very, very soon! ♥
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