Thursday, February 28, 2013

Go Bold and Stand Out: Get the Summer Vibe

I am sooooooo feeling the heat, aw yeah! Summer, definitely, is just around the corner. Hurray! Now, where is that teeny-weeny bikini? "It's time to hit the beach and strut in that teeny bikini, baby" (Cue: Careless Whisper), says my inner goddess. "Oh, please, like you can really wear anything close to a bikini!", says my killjoy 'reality' self. 

And that, is how I wake up.

Note to self: Stop talking to yourself.

Anyway, despite the occasional drizzles, it is basically almost summertime. Yay! I love summer! It usually means being able to plan fun beach getaways with friends and not worrying about classes. Despite me still having office work, it's easier to file for a leave during this time, because I do not have to consider my students and my classes. Aside from that, summertime is also a great time to dress playful and laid-back. Although I've always been a fan of layering, I also love colorful prints and comfy pieces that go well with the heat.

To prepare for the summer, I am now starting to collect summer-appropriate pieces and browsing for some tips and advices for pulling off a gorgeous summer look; and here are just some that I wish to share with you.

Go Bold and Stand out

Colors - whether pastels or neon brights - are so summer-ready! Can anything scream summer more than those bright hues and cool pastels? Donning on colorful pieces also makes us look great in pictures because the light from the sun allows the colors to look so vibrant and fresh making us pop on pictures better. 

So, here are just few items that I think every lady has to have in preparation for those summer getaways and casual strolls around town. 

Colorful Sundress

Pretty-colored sundresses definitely are a must-have this season. Not only do they make you look fresh and cool, they also give you an instant sexy, stylish and feminine air. 

Multi-colored Totes

Aren't these summer totes so adorable? Hit the beach in style with these bold, colorful totes. They also go well with casual basic look for a stroll around town or a cutesy picnic with friends. These totes are not only pretty enough for your summer outfits, but are also big enough to carry all your summer essentials. 

Vibrant Tanks and Tops

Beat the summer heat with these gorgeous tanks and tops! These delish-looking pieces do not only give you instant ventilation, but also adds character to your over-all look. Pair these with equally vibrant shorts or plain denim ones, and you're good to go!  

Flirty Floral Skirts

I love floral skirts. Whenever I feel so girly-girly, floral skirts like these are the first thing that pop on my mind. These floral numbers are also very summer appropriate. They always make us look fresh and vibrant without us putting so much effort. With a comfy loose or cropped bustier tank to pair with, we would seem to be screaming SUMMER all day long! 

Bold Statement Accessories

Bold accessories make a statement on their own. Even a plain top and basic jeans can look dressy when paired with the right accessories. This summer, it's really wise to invest in accessories such as these. They help a lot in communicating or concealing your mood, whichever you think is appropriate. 

This is the first part of my three ready-for-summer posts, so watch out for the rest of the series! 



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays

First things first. No. I did not wear this today. I am still sane enough to restrain myself from layering when it's 38 degrees outside. 

This one's actually my look one rainy Monday a week ago, and before I went out of the house, I already prepared myself for some intrusive stares. Surprisingly, though, most people I met actually complimented my look. There's one Dean I met while logging in for duty, who said I looked ser cute. Then there's my mommies in the office, who complimented me non-stop and said how rainy-day appropriate I look. These mothers have now gotten used to my unconventional looks, and are now so eager to know where and for how much I got what. This look was not an exception; so I patiently told them the story of each piece. Then there's a few other colleagues, who basically said the same things (but mostly that I look so cute! ehem...).

By midday, however, the sun started to show up and I started to cuss the tights and regret ever putting this whole ensemble. I prayed dearly that it would rain again (I know that was so selfish of me, but can you blame me? Look at how covered up I was!); and, thankfully, Mr. Sun shied again and postponed its appearance 'til the next day. Phew!

Oh, and know what the best compliment of the day was? It's when the boss told me adoringly, "Jan, ikaw na jud! Ikaw na!" in the most un-bossy voice and manner. And that's how good ol' me started grinning from ear to ear like a lunatic, which lasted 'til the end of the day. Rainy Mondays are really not that bad after all.

Dress - thrifted
Blazer - thrifted
Tights - Body Music
Flats - Solemate

Thoughts from a Dear Friend

Everything happens for a reason. Everything, specially the people we meet along the way. People come into our lives unexpectedly for some reason. I believe in destiny so much that I believe certain circumstances happen either for a good reason or bad. But it doesn't come by without teaching us a lesson. 

"Everything happens for a reason", a thought from a dear friend. I met her a year ago at my previous workplace. What I thought of just another regular customer turned out to be a good friend. The first time we got to chat, it happened right there in an instant. A connection. I felt comfortable with her like I've known her. We have almost the same perspectives and common interests. Even though she's already a wife, a mother of two and a new mamita of two beautiful grandchildren, we just click! Whenever we meet up to discuss the project, we always catch up on each other. Oh, so much chat going on! We are both introverts, choose our friends carefully and take much care of our privacy. Our age gap might be quite far, but we are a bit the same. 

The last project we had was the second volume of her daughter's photobook. She gave me this dress as her thank you gift, for keeping up with her and the patience I brought to the project. But seriously, I had fun! It's what I love! Just lovely. 

So, I believe that I met her for a good reason, just because recently she told me what simple pleasures we seek for in life. As we get older, we'll soon realize that money isn't all that. She has been a good wife to her husband, a loving mother to her two children and now what she wants is for herself--to be there with her little grandchildren. In this life full of so many things, what we really need is very little. Why stay and wait for what we want when we have our own free will to choose and chase down what we really need? What makes you happy makes you happy. Why wait?



Dress: Gifted
Accessories: Gifted
Satchel: Local Shop
Flats: Hebe Manila

Monday, February 25, 2013

Featured Pretty: Bashang

Alright ladies, meet our first featured pretty girl! 

We first caught her as "Bashang" on the social networking media. We then started to tease her with the name which is a character, "Lola Bashang", in our Filipino class. Little did we expect that she actually used it on her FB account and people then referred to her as such. I think it's cute, having the nickname "Bash"; though I call her Shang! Haha!

During our college days, standing out from the crowd had always been Bashang's habit, and she seemed to do it without exerting too much effort at all. She never fails to look so stylish and pretty everyday. 

Bashang's cuteness; laid-back, effortless style; and her fearless take on combining pieces to create a look that's totally hers, truly make her deserving of the very first spot on our Featured Pretty segment.   

So, here's just a few things you have to know about Bashang. 

Basic Data:
Bash Shang, 23

Fashion inspiration. I don’t have any specific fashion icon. I opt for the fashion they wear. Dressing up expresses who you are and the mood you are in, so basically, fashion depends on you. As long as it fits “me”, I’d definitely wear it.

Daily staples. Work outfit is the usual skinny jeans and body fit blouses paired with sneakers, sandals or doll shoes. I also go out with my jumpsuits because it’s pretty cute and comfy. And cute dresses too! 

How do you describe your style? 
Cute and laid-back.

Where do you usually shop?
Boutiques and malls.

Have you always loved dressing up? If not, when and what was your fashion-turning-point?
Back in my college days I was encouraged by my mom to dress up. She wanted me to style my clothes a bit. It made me realize too that what you wear reflects yourself. Your style completes you, and it makes you feel like walking under the spotlight with the paparazzi around. It makes you feel more confident. 

What are the items that you just can’t leave the house without?
I can’t leave the house if I haven’t applied my Olay cream, my Fashion 21 two way cake powder, a little blush of Maybelline New York and a color of Revlon lustrous lipstick. I also love Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists, so that is definitely a must before going out.

What is your stand in dressing up and being stylish?
I dress up because this is what I want and what I love. It makes me complete when I think of styling myself in my own fashionable way.

What contains your fashion wish list for this year?
A pair of booties!

What is your fashion-wise message/advice for the other ladies out there?
To all the ladies who haven’t put colors in their lives, come on out of your shell. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself through styling your clothes. Forget about being an ugly duckling ‘cause all of us deserves to become a stunning swan. Just be confident enough to show the world what you've got!


Who will be the next featured pretty stylista? Stay tuned, lovies!

Blazer: Jhet's
Balloon Dress: Mall
Leggings: Mall
Shoes: Converse
Accessories: Mall

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Jheck and I are already starting with the search for home appliances for our new house. We are, in particular, on the lookout for practical devices that are not only innovative, but also fit our budget.

Food preparation and housekeeping talks have already become frequent these days. I guess that's just how it is for every couple who are so eager to start proving to themselves that 'making house a home' is not that hard after all.

Working my behind off most days of the week, I always look forward to some peace and quiet on weekends. Weekends are the perfect time for me to catch up on my reading, blog a little, watch TV, clean the house, and, basically, just enjoy and relax. Usually, I also search for a new dessert or pasta recipe and try doing it over the weekend. I've always loved weekends at home because then I get to enjoy a quiet and relaxing environment - away from the usual everyday hubbub.

When I found out about Electrolux's hush appliances, I literally leaped with glee! Imagine a blender and a vacuum cleaner that are so quiet, it would seem like they are not in use at all! Imagine being able to make your favorite smoothie or vacuum clean the house minus all that annoying, boisterous noise! Imagine that! (Errr... please excuse the exclamation points.)

Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender is ten times quieter than the regular blenders. Its product information also boasts the blender's great mixing performance and its easy-to-clean quality. 

I really look forward to some peaceful weekends at home that are perfectly fuss-free and quiet; and this innovative product is  about to help me achieve just that. Ooh! Jheck will surely be super happy to make me my favorite smoothie with this. Won't you, sweetie? (oh, cheese!)

Electrolux, indeed, is making waves with their quiet revolution, and their Ultra Silencer Green vacuum proves just that. Imagine a vacuum cleaner that does not make any sound when used. How cool is that? Its hush quality is not just what this vacuum has to offer, however. Its energy efficiency and sustainable material use are what sets it apart from the average vacuum. I was beyond thrilled to find out that the Ultra Silencer Green actually uses 33% less energy and is made of 55% recycled plastic. Need I say more?

I'm now ogling over these two wonders. They, definitely, are now included in my 2013 wish list. Check out Electrolux Philippines Official Website and  Electrolux Philippines Twitter page.

Our new home deserves only the best (including the best people... ehem...), so Jheck and I tend to get picky when it comes to appliances. These two revolutionary devices, however, are assured of their spots. 

The big MOVE is about to happen real soon. This big transition in my life both excites and creeps me out. Nonetheless, I am prepared. Despite the many questions that run around my mind, I know that I am doing the things that are right and make me happy. 

I know this blog will no longer be just about Jhet and mine's personal style and beauty chronicles. This blog, eventually, will transform along with us; and with every milestone that we take, I hope you all will still be there with us.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainy Day Dressing

And just when I'm about to publish my ready-for-the-summer post, Typhoon Crising decided to appear and cross the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Ugh! Talk about perfect timing!

So, instead of talking about possible summer outfits, I decided to write about rainy day dressing instead. Ha! I'm versatile like that! :D

I usually plan at night my look for the next day, which is why I do not look very rainy day appropriate today. I just donned what I planned to wear and wished that the rain would eventually stop. I also can't risk making sudden outfit changes, as I usually just squeeze in all the prepping in ONE hour. That means, if I change my prepared outfit, I need to spend additional minutes that I don't have. 

What I love about rainy days is the chance to layer. Being in a country where it's sunny most time of the year, rainy days are the only chance for us to strut in layered outfits or wear booties without attracting so much attention. There are actually a lot of opportunities during rainy days, fashion-wise, and here are just some of my favorites:

1. Matching your umbrella with your outfit

And looking extra cute! Need I say more? Just lookie!

Picture from here.
2. Feeling cozy in sweater.

I love sweaters! But despite them being easy to style, comfort still is key; and we sometimes tend to risk that with them. During the cold, rainy weather, however, style and comfort are assured in sweaters. 

Photo from here.

3. Layers, baby! (Got it? hahaha! No? Fifty of Shades of Grey! Hello?)

As mentioned above, this is such a rainy-days-advantage. Yeah, like try wearing scarf and tights on other days! 

Photo from here.

4. Brighten up the day with colors

It's gloomy outside; now why don't we try to brighten it up with a colorful outfit? 

Photo from here.

5. Style it with hoodies

Hoodies have got to be your rainy day staples. Strut in style while having an instant cover up when it rains.

Photo from here
Ah, so now you're ready! Enjoy the cold, pretties! Opportunities to dress up like this do not come very often. Let us just pray that Crising leaves right away and doesn't cause any trouble to the country.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Of Colorful Inspiration: Aztec Painted Skirt

One of the many joys of being an artist is simply making fun out of what you love. And this is one of those.

Recently we have been drooling over these aztec printed clothing and the like, not to mention my secret love for Bestie's aztec designed wedge here. Cutie isn't it? Sadly, I have never come to see as pretty of a wedge as that in shops here. Sigh. But oh this brain of mine just wouldn't stop working. So, since my bestfriend acrylic paint is here, why not make my own prints? To start off is this! Tadaaah!!


Now I have to sell this over at my shoppe. Sniff! I wish i could have this all to myself but whew, I'm making a living here! Ok, business talk now, price starts at 249 only. Yep! And you'll get that 25% off when you hit like & share pastelleshoppe and forallthingspretty on facebook. Easy! Want more? Get a surprise freebie from us! Just tell us why you love this skirt by sharing your comment below! Oh spoiler me! haha!

So, that's probably it. I had to share it with you all because I had fun doing this aztec painting with a little doodle on the side. hehe Hope you'll have fun too! ciao!

Jhet ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

But, aren’t we all?

Today, is one of those days that I feel all burned out and exhausted of everything that I do, most specifically – blogging. I know other novice bloggers feel the same way sometimes, especially if they don’t feel like they’re moving forward and seem to be getting stuck at where they are longer than they intend and expect to.  

I’m bugged by these self-inflicted issues lately, discussed these with Jhet, and scans for self-help articles from the blogging community (yeah, I know that sounds pathetic, but what do you expect from a Melancholic?).  Thankfully, though, I came across some blogs – better and bigger ones – that had faced similar issues at least once in their web life. So, yeah, I think I’m feeling better now.

I will spare you from these nonsensical dramas, don’t worry, and get on with our usual posting.  If you are a follower of this blog, you will know that the dress I'm wearing is actually a maxi skirt.  The one that I wore here.  That's what I really like about maxi skirts, they're so versatile.  I also have another piece of maxi skirt that has been getting a lot of attention and compliments, whether I use it as a dress or a skirt. Remember this one?  This has got to be one of my popular posts; it caused a lot of page views and likes. 

The skirt is actually wide and pleated, so I opted to tie it around the waste with a belt.  I also included in the tying that knitted Cotton On blazer that I got from a bazaar so as not to make me feel and look baggy.  

Sometimes, I feel so narcissistic and vain with what I have been doing.  If I say I'm not, that would just prove and establish the fact that I really am, wouldn't it?  So, yeah, I think you can say that I am; but aren't we all?  Isn't promoting and advertising one's self the real core and the bottom-line of everything in this age of social media?

Now, I really am feeling better.

Maxi skirt used as dress - thrifted
Cotton On blazer - bazaar
Sandals - Liberte
Accessories - a mall in Cebu (except for that knotted cloth bracelet that's a DIY by Jhet)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Attitude of Positive Expectation

Being me is being positive, despite the thought of the glass of water nearly empty. I always look for the brighter side of things as if I know it would work out. That, maybe a pitcher full of water is just inside the fridge. Though sometimes I think being overly positive is a bad habit. Yes, it can. If you don't act to it, it's not good anymore. But the good thing is, you try to make it work, though that may be the hardest part of it, trying. But let's face it, good things come to those who wait. And what's even worthy of it is the trials that you overcome to achieve it. 

Ok, jeez! enough of that drama. Let's focus on these new flats shall we? Everybody, meet Manhattan. She's my new cut out flats from Hebe Manila. Cutie isn't it? And the insoles are great. I say, these flats are perfect! I could wear them with anything, but best with shorts and rolled up stretchy pants. ;)

Dress: Thrifted
Candy Shorts: Pastelleshoppe
Necklace: Janjie's
Shoes: Hebe Manila
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