Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oh so Sweet Scents: Perfume Addiction

Got perfume addiction? Yes! Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists collection is really oh so sweet! Trust me, there ain't no other. From the first VS perfume I had (way back when jhetty jhet was still in HS), the addiction just goes on and on. My favorite so far? An intoxicating blend of strawberries, hyacinth, cassis, white flowers and sandalwood. Strawberries and Champagne! Reminds of the good old days.

Now, this is mom's collection, which I secretly put on too. Shhh! 

• Pure Seduction. An enticing blend of casaba melon, plum and freesia
• Love Spell. A lavishly lush blend of cherry blossom, mugust, red apple and georgia peach, with hints of tamarind and blondewood
• Pear Glace. A sparkling blend of pear nectar, cassus and violet, with hints of muguet and sandalwood
and my personal favorite among them:
•Layers of Love Spell: Cherry Blossom. Scent of Fresh Cherry Blossom with Freesia and Muguet 

No spending over these scents? Just once though ;). Last Christmas, I bought this for my mom. And...because we share, I tried this on too! Haha!

Some other scents are, well, gifted. A client and a good friend of mine gave me this Pretty in Pink scent, a beautiful blend of melon, lily of the valley and raspberry. Kissing in Paris, spring iris and fresh dew, was from mother's bestie.

There ain't no getting over these fragrances. For now I think haha. For more scents check this out.

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