Sunday, March 31, 2013

Strut that Summer Bod

With the insane heat and the crazy hot breeze, there's no denying that summer is here! It's time to hit the beach, and fab ladies only do it For All Things Pretty way!

Have you been looking for the perfect pair of swimsuit? Swimsuits are tricky pieces of clothing. They can either make you look drab or fab. And yes, there's even nothing in between. It's just a make or a break, a hit or a miss!

It is for this reason that girls usually spend a lot of time in serious search for the perfect piece for them. Swimsuit shopping is a crucial business (boys really have no idea). There are a lot of things that we need to consider. We, girls, need to get to know our body first. Let's admit it, okay. There are just certain styles of swimsuits that do not match our bodies.

For extra flabby girls out there, a two-piece set won't probably be a very good idea. It's like flaunting to the world our 'liabilities', isn't it? One piece swimsuits and high-waisted ones, specifically those that give an extra hold to that part that needs holding, will work better. Two piece swimmies, on the other hand, are so effortlessly sexy; but those with slimmer frames are the ones who deserve these, though.

There's not that many places to find fab, stylish swimwear, which is why most girls only settle with what they see at the department stores. Luckily, we have online shops now to save the day! However, not many fits into this blog's OC criteria. So, when we speak of fab swimming pieces for all shapes and sizes, that are also affordable and wallet-friendly, there's only one shopping site that we highly recommend -

Allow me to show you my personal favorites among I Love Koi's pretty finds.

1. Plumpinup in Nautical Navy: Isn't this nautical ensemble soooo pretty?! This one's actually part of I Love Koi's collection for the plump Filipina, but it's just so pretty it's not right to limit its possibilities. 

Plumpinup in Nautical Navy
 2. SlumberDoll in Blue Polka: Going retro, anyone? Go vintage chic with this blue polka one piece! 
Slumberdoll in Blue Polka
3. Normandi in Black: Black is such a classic shade. Aside from its magic to make the body look slimmer and longer, it's also always safe to use. Now, look at the intricate web detail! Such a genius curves maker!
Normandi in Black
4. Bellarocca Halter in Fuchsia & Blue: This one's for the pa-cutesy you. Fuchsia and sky blue combo's such a sweety!
Bellaroca Halter in Fuchsia and Blue
5. Viderlina in Royal Blue: If you're not very 'gifted' and wants to put on additional width on the chest area, this one's your savior. It's subtly sexy without the cup size requirement - perfect for girls, like us, with non-existent cleavage (ehem... not complaining... hihi) ;-)
Viderlina in Royal Blue
 6. Paradigma in Leopard: Ah, this one's love! Such a perfect mix of sexiness and sophistication, don't you think?
Paradigma in Leopard
Make sure you know your exact size before ordering, though. Take note of the size guide before placing an order. You may also check out I Love Koi's Facebook Page for regular updates.

Facebook Page:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yeah, We're Weird Like That

It's weird how Jhet and I think the same way most times. It's like some parts of our brains are patterned the same way. And this is not only exhibited in how we sometimes show up in identical outfits, but also in how we say exactly the same things. Like when she says, 'Hey, I was supposed to say the same thing, too!", in that childish-whiny-Jhet-voice. Then I'll answer, "I told you we're one and the same person in our past lives". This time, though, it's the identical outfit moment. The boyfs are getting used to this, thank goodness, so they no longer need to be explained in detail and be convinced that NO, we did not agree nor talk about our outfits.

Yeah, we're weird like that.

Food Trippin': Flamin' Grill

Jhet and I, plus the boyfs, went on a Saturdate at an old favorite resto - Flamin' Grill. We have spent quite a number of group dates here, and every single one of them is a wonderful gastronomic experience. I remember hearing about Flamin' Grill for the first time as that cool new place that sells the best burger in Dumaguete. What actually makes Flamin' Grill burger different and way, way better than that of the other restos in the city is its naturally grilled patty - that super tasty, pure meat patty that's grilled to perfection. It's not only burgers that the shop has bragging rights over, though. There's a whole lot more unique dishes on their menu that are definitely worth a try.

Service-wise, I'm impressed at how fast their service is compared to the other restos in town that serve similar dishes. So, for our Saturdate, these are what we got to try. 

Flamin' Hawaiian Burger
Grilled Cheeseburger with Fries
Flamin' Grill burgers are so uniquely tasty. It's a breath of fresh air amidst all those commercial fastfood burgers around. The secret? Aside from the ingredients and spices used, I believe it's the way it's cooked. Look!

Photo from their FB page.
For our starters, we tried their Mozzarella Sticks. It's crunchy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside. The coating's a little thick and a little salty, though; but the tartar dip makes up for that.

Mozzarella Sticks with Tartar Dip
We then tried their Garlic & Shrimp Alfredo. It's tasty and creamy, but it's a little on the salty side. The shrimps are perfectly cooked and the pasta's al dente. I'm not a big fan of garlic, though, so I can't appreciate the garlic bits on it.
Garlic & Shrimp Alfredo
Keith had the Buffalo Wings in Extra Spicy Glaze. Well, it's EXTRA spicy, mind you, so I recommend getting the mild glaze if you're not into spicy food. The glaze is really good. It's what makes the chicken have that yum crunch.
Extra Spicy Buffalo Wings with Rice
This is what Jheck had. We requested that the chicken wings on this dish to be mildly spicy, so, I got to enjoy it a lot. The rib barbecue was perfectly grilled and the honey dip's equally perfect.
Rib 'n Wings
This one's their raspberry iced tea. Well, it tastes like the regular iced tea, but with a raspberry after-taste. Too bad, their blue lemonade's not available.

Raspberry Iced Tea
Aaaannddd... Jhet got this yummy strawberry milkshake. Ah, I want this now!
Strawberry Milkshake

If you are from Dumaguete or get to visit our beautiful city anytime soon, be sure to try dining at Flamin' Grill. It is located along Hibbard Avenue, beside Ponce de Leon Compound. You can check out their Facebook page for menu updates.

'Til the next Food Trippin' post, loves! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Take your grilling FLAVOR to the next level!

Our Sunday was spent shooting for our short film entry to the 2nd Pylon Film Festival, an event that has already become sort of a tradition for our group. So, today is basically the last day of our shoot, and to culminate the two-Sunday tiresome activity, we prepared lunch for the famished gang. Sunday lunch, of course, will not be complete without a grilled dish; and any grilled dish, definitely, will not be complete without McCormick Grill Mates.

Jhet and I have always been a fan of McCormick - from their Grill Mates line to Fried Chicken Coating to Instant Gravy Mixes. They're a huge help to people like us who are always lazy on the go, and do not have the skill time to make our own marinade or mix our own chicken gravy.

So, for our Sunday grill, we opted to try McCormick's Korean BBQ seasoning mix. I just learned that this mix is actually patterned with the famous Korean dish, Bulgogi. It has the perfect mix of soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil and other spices which truly made our grilled pork so tasty and flavorful.

So for our Korean Style Grilled Pork, we marinated the meat with the seasoning mix for thirty minutes. We just added real sesame seeds into the marinade and nothing else, as we know McCormick already got us covered.

After thirty minutes, the grilling started. The delicious aroma of the grill that emanated to the entire house could tell how tasty the cooked meat would be.

And... tadah! It's ready!

Here are the other dishes that composed our Sunday lunch.

It won't hurt so much to be non-healthy eaters once in a while. After all, we're still young and we want to just enjoy everything while we still can. Ah, I'm hungry again! 

Aaaannndd.... meet the gang! We're actually a big crowd, but the others are missing in action today. Sad.

Ah, nothing really beats a fun meal time with your favorite people in the world! Jhet and I are already thinking of holding an Outdoor Barbecue Party with the gang. We're eying on the Cajun Grill Mate, and are excited of using it already. 

The taste of New Orleans can now be enjoyed in your grilled beef, pork, and chicken with McCormick Cajun Seasoning Mix.  It contains choicest spices such as paprika and oregano to give your grilled meats a distinct southern flavor!

On April 7, 2013, 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, McCormick will hold the McCormick Grill Nation which is in celebration of their Grill Mates line. This event will be held at Bonifacio High Street, Lane O cor. 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. With a PhP100 cover charge, you can get a lot of wonderful freebies and get to taste the various food samples prepared by McCormick's partner concessionaires! You also get to witness the cooking demos, participate in the fun games, and enjoy the live entertainment from surprise guests. Now, how does getting a chance to go home with the McCormick grill kits, aaaannndd.... a special outdoor griller, during the outdoor raffle sound?! See you there, okay?

An afternoon grill is really perfect now that it's summertime! Enjoy an outdoor barbecue picnic with your family and friends with McCormick! One flaming passion for flavor! One fiery showcase of grilled cuisine!

It's a Wrap!

One time, we were out looking for the perfect summer board shorts and was lucky to find one. However, my thrifty self just said goodbye to it, placed it back the rack and said, I'll come by again soon. Now, I regretted ever making that decision. Whenever a friend is in the same situation, I was there to say, buy it now and spare yourself from regret or somebody will get this if you don't. And there I was not taking my own advice! Snap!

So, as I saw this blouse from the boutique window, I just had the urge to buy it or else, well, suffer that awwwwww regret again. And as every purchase done, an equal feeling of contentment and happiness fills my smile as I received my paper bag from the counter. Aahhh. Thank goodness I took my own advice. Hooray! I'm gonna have to pat my own back for listening to me. Thank you jhet for being there for yourself. Haha! I feel like a little puppy who had just found a bone to chew on!

Aissa's boutique ("my favourite boutique" as what I refer it to my friends) is quite a small shop at Piapi, near Flamin' Grill. I call it as such because you can find cute items, such as necklaces, bangles, slip-ons, perfumes, blouses, and lots more, that are also right for your kikayness budget. Trust me, I can't count how many stuffs I have bought from the shop already, for myself and even gifts for my friends. 

What do you think? Feeling the summer so much already!

Wonder what Janjie and I were up to? Our last two Sundays were merely packed with movie shoot and food. Hehe! We're definitely getting ready for our upcoming Pylon Yearbook Camp and Alumni Homecoming with a Film Fest on the side. We're no actors but just film directors and scriptwriters (coughs). But, without our ever loyal alumni and retirees and mr tatsuo,  our movie would've gone down the drain. So thank you dearies for standing the heat of the sun and, not to mention the costumes! (wink!) 


Jhet & Janjie

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It is a Happy Talent to Know How to Play

We were off to Highlands Resort in Mabinay, our second to the last stop before we head home sweet home. We had to ride the motorcab about five minutes from the entrance gate until we reach this spot right here, were the playground and the pool is. Such a huge place I tell you, and the whole tiring trip was all worth it. Mabinay is so worth the travel. Anyways, right after we put down our bags, Janjie and I rushed over the swing and played to our heart's desire. Weee! Wish I had one of these at home though! :(

Oh well, at least we played around, had fun and relaxed before we head home to tire ourselves again with work. After all, it is a happy talent to know how to play.

“Go and play. Run around. Build something. Break something. Climb a tree. Get dirty. Get in some trouble. Have some fun.” 
― Brom, The Child Thief

Top: Thrifted
Belt: Pastelleshoppe
Maxi skirt: Mom's :)
Sandals: Liberte
Accessories: Gift

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