Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kick Starting the Week

Sometimes, it's just so hard to shrug off that certain longing to wear pumps and high-heeled sandals once in a while; but that just won't work in the kind of job and environment I am in. (*sniff) I also don't want to invest in such kinds of items, post pictures of me in it, and pretend that those are my regular footwear. That would be cheating my readers, wouldn't it? 

So, anyway, yes, I have some serious issues with high heels (including my boyfie's 'cuteness' and my attention-grabbing towering height, and my job) - ones that I will never be able to address, hence, the frustration. (*more sniffs). 

I still am not losing hope, however. I am still waiting and looking forward to that day (a special one, I know) when I will have a very, VERY valid excuse to purchase a gorgeous pair. Ha! That day is coming. I am sooo feeling it! 

So, anyway, I know this outfit would have deserved a good pair of pumps, but I've vented out my issues above, so go figure. 

Here's a chic office look to kick start the week. I so love my Shop This Easy top. It has long sleeves, which makes me look so covered, but it's actually not hot to wear. It's cloth is so thin and kind of sheer (which is not really obvious in the pictures, but it is!), so ventilation is really not an issue.  

Here's wishing everyone a blessed and fun week! Four more days and it's Friday again, so don't fret! :D


Skirt - thrifted

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