Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is this blog's 71st post! Hurray! Wow! It feels like only yesterday when Jhet and I were so giddy and uberly excited to make this blog! Oh.... the thrills whenever we publish an outfit post, and the little leaps and celebrations whenever our page views go up! Oh... what fruitful three months those had been!

When I look back, I sometimes see a pattern in my style. There were some posts where I see that I've been crazing over a specific look, but most of the time, there's variation. When someone asks me what my style is, I just don't know if I can call it with a specific name. It's just varied, inspired by some of my favorite bloggers, but mostly, safe. It's sad that that's what often works for someone who works at a university, like me. Well, I'm not one into standing out particularly (I wish what I've been wearing do not make me do), and I often wish I know what those H-to-T stares from the students mean whenever I pass them by. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm keeping an admirable record though. 

So, here's a basic safe look that's composed of pieces with neutral shades. After all the color-heavy posts, why don't we let our eyes take some rest. ;)

Top - thrifted
Wide legged capri - thrifted
Flats - Bazaar
Necklace - Mags
Bracelets - bazaar

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