Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vintage Baby

Have you ever had that weird experience when you wake up and suddenly want something so bad? Like, you suddenly wake up one morning and realize you want to eat something; then you spend most of the day looking for it. I happen to have that, like, most of the time! Sometimes it’s food, sometimes an activity, sometimes clothes; and when I do not fulfill that longing on that day, I go to bed feeling so glum and sad, and wake up the next morning with a stronger desire.

It’s like this one morning when I woke up wanting to look like a 70’s girl. Weird, I know, but what can a girl do? I went to work that day with that feeling of unfulfilled desire, and I was determined to get myself a vintage-looking outfit before the day ends.

Right after work, I practically ran to my favorite thrift shop, and rummaged through their clothes in search for the fulfillment of my heart’s desire (awww…). And voila! I found this gorgeous lacey blouse in beautiful beige and this pleated skirt which has just the perfect length hiding behind some odd-looking dresses, and I almost squealed with delight. Ah, contentment!

Top - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Belt - local shop
Neon bracelet - Pastelleshop
Shoes - Zara

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