Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Eggplant Parody

If there ever is a pale eggplant… :)

I’ve been in search for candy-colored pants for weeks, and I almost bought an expensive pair from the mall. Good thing I was able to get a hold of myself, else, I would have knelt on the ground in despair when I saw this pair in the thrift shop. So, there, I saved myself from a melodramatic moment when I patiently waited for this pair to appear in the shop. It was an “ahuh!” moment then, and I just couldn’t help but do a little happy dance inside. teehee! 

Corset - Glam Street
Blazer - thrifted
Jeggings - thrifted
Shoes - Zara
Green wooden necklace - Jhet's
Neon bracelet - Pastelleshop

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