Sunday, November 4, 2012

J is for…

Representing the Applied Communications Division of a regional research consortium that is based in the university where I work requires me to attend various meetings, workshops, and conferences. One thing I really hate during these gatherings is the part where the host pretends to be really interested in the attendees by asking us to look for an adjective that would describe us and starts with the first letter of our first names. Come on, all adjectives that start with the letter J do not really describe me, but I always end up with ‘joyful’, and tries my best to look like I really am, at least until the end of the first day.

I don’t think I can really describe myself in just one word. A friend once described me as ‘a big ball of mystery and surprises’, which, quite frankly, I cannot classify as either good or bad. I can be mature and bossy one time, then lively and carefree the next – which, practically, also applies to my style.

Now, this is my young and carefree look when I want to be a bit dressy as well.

So, J is for, well... JUST JANJIE, I guess. :)

Dress - thrifted
Wedge sandals - local shop
Vintage necklace - Pastelleshoppe

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