Saturday, November 24, 2012

Early Birds and Worthy Worms

My day officially started at 7:30 a.m., earlier than my regular workday. My colleagues and I had to be in two early business meetings and I really prayed before I stepped out that the worms will be worth our being early birds today. Well, it turned out that they are more than worthy worms, and I am sooooo excited for the two big projects that we will soon be putting on our shoulders. I am really crossing my fingers for the pursuance of these BIG challenges.  

Anyway, since I know this day is going to be longer than my usual, I made sure to put on pieces that will keep me going until the day's 'wrap'. And kept me going this outfit really made me! Oh, hey, look! That's my SOS jeans working its way right there. So, now you know how it always saves the day!  

Navy polo shirt - thrifted
Denim 'SOS' jeans - Levi's
Espadrilles - Zalora
Accessories - Pastelleshoppe

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