Monday, November 26, 2012

Office Chic

Perhaps, people at work are already used to seeing my 'unconventional' way of dressing up, that one day when I was running late and just couldn't decide what to wear so ended up with the regular jeans and top, a colleague frowned at me and asked, "What's up with you today?" "Huh, nothing. Why?" I retorted. "You look so.... regular." He answered, and I just couldn't help but smile. "So, I've earned quite a reputation, huh?" I asked, my amusement a little too obvious. "Yeah, you can say that.

I'd say I'm quite pleased with what I just learned, because at least I know people notice and would just shake their head to the idea of including me in the 'regular' category. 

So, here's one of those days when my lazy self decides to hide under the bed refusing to come out, causing THIS self to shine and break free.

Polo shirt - thrifted
Elephant jeans - thrifted
Clutch - Leofhila's 
Accessories - Pastelleshoppe  
Vintage shoes - thrifted

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