Friday, November 2, 2012

Jhet & Janjie

"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies."Aristotle 

This blog is a product of our desire to always chase our dreams no matter how big and crazy they may be (like being fashion bloggers, for example), of our common interests in creativity and style, and of our love for all things pretty.

Hi! My name is Jhet, and this is just another element of being “me”. I am pretty much an artist, inspired by the simplicity of life and love. Almost five months ago, my friend and I started our own clothing business and ever since, I am now dazzled with fashion and style. I have always loved the way each and every one of us show off the many sides of our vanities, no matter how different they may be. I just can’t wait for so many things, for that big look simple pieces could create. So what is being me? It’s a whole lot of different things.

And I'm Janjie. I'm a full-time office girl, part-time university instructor in Dumaguete, part-time blogger and online writer, and part-time everything (yeah, whatever that is, as long as it's legit and cool, I'm in! LOL). I consider myself a fashion chameleon, because my style is like a combination of everyone else's (*grin). I'm a huge thrifter. Most of my stuff are thrifted, mostly because, well, we are just starting here; and I believe fashion does not really equate to high cost. Anyone has the right to strut in style without having to spend much, after all it's the wearer who should make the clothes look good, not the other way around.

And introducing, the very supportive boyfs who double as our photographers, Keith (in striped blue and purple shirt) and Argey (in purple shirt and Kuya Kim hat). Please excuse their scruffy look. They have worked so hard, despite the agonizing afternoon heat and without a word of complaint, just to take good pictures of us. 

Our aim is to inspire the youth and yuppies to freely express themselves through whatever medium they find suitable and share a part of themselves to the world through their fashion and style. 

Please do visit this side of the net again, and leave a comment, so we can interact. Watch out for our next posts and spread the love! ♥

Lots of love, 

Jhet & Janjie
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