Monday, January 14, 2013

Perfume Addiction Level: Fresh

Choosing a perfume is such a tricky business for me, and I know the same goes to most ladies out there. Sometimes, we just can't settle on what our favorite celebrity endorses. What works for some people doesn't necessarily mean also works for us. That is why, a good perfume store with equally good staff is important for our quest for THE perfume for us.

So, when I learned that Fresh is opening stores around the Philippines, I was so ecstatic! Finally, a store that cradles an extensive selection of all the premium scents that perfume addicts need at lower prices! Yes, you read that right, at prices LOWER than Department Stores'.

“Choosing your scent shouldn’t be rushed,” says Fresh Fragrance Consultant. “Especially when you’re
young, you should take your time and experiment to find out which perfume works best for you. Our
staff also assists our customers to find the right fragrance, they won’t merely push specific brands just to
make a sale.”

Ooohhh, Fresh  Fragrance Bar now undraped the perfume addict in me!  So, if you are planning to do your fragrance-shopping soon, look for the nearest Fresh store. With it's vibrant and hip interiors and friendly and accommodating staff, you will surely find shopping fun and leisurely!

Also, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages, for regular sale and promo updates.

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