Thursday, January 24, 2013

Girl Next Door

Finding this oxblood high-waist shorts was one of those ‘hallelujah’ moments for me! I have been tearing down all the corners of my little city in desperate search for one, and on one lucky day, I finally found it! The. Perfect. Oxblood. High-Waist. Shorts. Tadaaah!  

When I went home then, all giddy and excited, grinning like a crazy child, that’s when I realized that I have the biggest problem anybody could ever have encountered (okay, I’m exaggerating. Hihi…) – what do I pair this friggin’ shorts with?! It’s awesomeness does not deserve a regular tee, don’t you think? So, while I was top-naked, with just this shorts on, I decided to go beyond my available resources, and took advantage of my sister’s absence. Haha! So I rummaged through her piles and saw this sweater. I just grabbed it like a guilty shoplifter and put it on, snatched my backpack from its racks, slipped on this pair of flats, and I was out the door!

Seeing now how I looked like that day makes me feel that it was not such a big mistake after all. I think I still was able to work the look. What do you think?

Sweater - thrifted
Shorts - thrifted
Accessories - Pastelleshoppe, Bazaar
Flats - Bazaar
Backpack - thrifted
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