Tuesday, January 15, 2013


"Are you a person that prefers to believe in things that always make sense and things that you can see? Or are you a person that prefers to believe in miracles that take things on faith? There are no right or wrong answers – just an opportunity for introspection."

At the end of Pi's story, he asked the writer which story he prefers and the writer responds, "The one with the tiger. That's the better story."
"Thank you. And so it goes with God."

At that moment I came to a pause and asked myself that same question. If I were told that same adventure Pi had with a tiger on a life boat, I doubt if I'd believe him that instant. But that is tantamount to the story of God. Believing doesn't always require seeing. If it were dark in your bedroom would that be any different? Wrapping things up, the movie is definitely a must see. It takes us on a self examination of our own conscious thoughts, feelings, and even our faith. 

So here is my first handcrafted collar necklace. Not what I expected it would look, but I had faith it would turn out like this. More DIYs soon! Definitely!

Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Freego
Necklace: Crafted by me!
Bracelet: Local Shop
Shoes: Liberté
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