Friday, December 14, 2012

Style & Comfort in One

I have been in search for the BEST – read: comfiest, prettiest, cheapest – maxi dress for a few months now, and nothing has ever caught my attention, until my second day in Cebu. This pretty dress was alone in a rack; it was the only stock (of its kind) available in one of the stalls in Park Mall, and I just grabbed hold of it and never let go the moment I laid my eyes on it. It has the prettiest shade of pink, softest fabric and fits me perfectly it seems it was custom-tailored in my size. The lady at the stall said this dress has been lying on their pile for weeks now, so I got a hefty discount for it. Oh, now it feels like it really is for me.

I paired this dress with this denim jacket to put a contrast to its soft flow and cover the dress’ tight hug on my body. This look is such a great combination of style and comfort. I wore this the entire day, from working with our final yearbook layout to strolling around the mall, and I could never have felt more comfortable.

Please excuse the pictures’ quality. Blame that on the manual focus lens.

Denim jacket – thrifted
Maxi dress – Park Mall
Accessories – Pastelleshoppe, E Mall
Sandals – Liberte
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