Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013

Time check: 03:15am. Eye check: wide and normally blinking; so we are still good to blog.

HELLO 2013!!!! Oh, yeah! I know you were shouting that on your mind right now! Haha... 2012 had been so good to me, I consider it one of my best years. It may have been a perfect mix of emotions, but all I can remember now are the great and happy ones and all the opportunities that I was given. The year 2013 promises even bigger opportunities - some outrageous and overly ambitious, I cannot even imagine myself being part of them. These things are still a blur right now, but I always believe that if God planned it for us, then things will just go perfectly.

Anyway, I just cannot let the first day of 2013 totally take over without posting some pictures of my bestest friends' year-end get-together. I just can't thank the heavens enough for blessing me with these crazy and wonderful people to share my ups and downs with. Whenever we finally find a common free time to meet up, it feels like everything in the world is right. We succumb into our own, wonderful world, unmindful of the people and all the things around, and we are just happy - not the okay-lets-put-on-some-effort kind of happy, but the nothing-can-ever-be-more-genuine-than-this-crazy-happy kind.

So, from my crazy friends, Jheck, Jhet and I: A blessed and prosperous New Year to all of you!

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