Friday, December 7, 2012

Plaid & Tights as a Breather

The (VERY) unpleasant visit of Typhoon Pablo caused a lot of devastations here in Dumaguete. It greatly saddens me to see the aftermath of the typhoon, and what's even sadder is the ill situation of the people in the most affected areas, like Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental. Nature is now really striking back! The least we can do is continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in those areas - that God will heal all the wounds in their bodies and the even bigger wounds in their hearts. 

On another note, things are going crazy around here lately, and I am caught in the middle of all the craziness! I haven't even communicated with or seen Jhet for what seems like a century already! OK, I'm exaggerating, but this has been the longest so far. Jhet? Hi, Jhet! 

So, here I am, taking a breather from all the craziness around me. I just don't know what to call this look, but this is for my random weekends - when I just feel like looking a tad different from all the regulars around. 

Plaid shirtdress - thrifted
Black tights - Body Music
Vintage oxfords - thrifted
Accessories - Pastelleshoppe

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