Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What's the Catch?

I know there just has to be one!

Things going perfectly as planned, dreams slowly coming to realization, immediate goals at the fingertips; so what's the catch? This is not it, is it?

Okay, enough of my drama! Things are just not very well these days, so please excuse my childish whines.  

Here's another LBD that is my current favorite. The peek-a-boo at the back caught my fancy. It also has just the right length - not too skimpy, not too long - just right for a teacher who doesn't want to deviate the students' attention away from the class discussion and onto some displayed skin.  

To add some pops of colors into the look, I wore this neon combo and this studded pink belt that I recently got from a bazaar in Cebu.

Jhet and I are into some kind of an adventure this week - the search for the perfect Christmas outfit. Wish us luck!

Dress - thrifted
Studded belt - bazaar
Accessories - bazaar, Pastelleshoppe
Flats - Solemate

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