Saturday, December 29, 2012

Metro Chic

Combining prints is always a risky move. Take that from the fashion gurus and experienced fashion bloggers around. However, knowing how to experiment a little (and breaking a few rules on the side) can actually make one combine pieces that actually work, and create a look that seems so effortlessly put together. Like this outfit perhaps, a close look can tell you the prints on the dress and the bag are not actually alike. But when you take the whole outfit in, you realize that the match is made from the colors and the flow and direction of the prints. 

That eye-candy of a satchel is actually a gift from my sister (isn't she sweet?). She won it from their company's Christmas Raffles (c/o Cebu Metro Chic). I immediately fell in love with it the moment I saw it; and now I just can't seem to have enough of its gorgeous prints and colors that I use it everyday! Talk about satchel obsession!

Dress - thrifted
Accessories - bazaar
Wedge sandals - local mall
Satchel - Cebu Metro Chic

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