Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pops of Colors

Hello from Cebu!

This one's my first destination post (if there ever is such). Travelling for hours from Dumaguete to Cebu is so exhausting and is a real pain in the behind (literally!). With this in mind then, I opted to wear this loose striped blouse and this old pair of jeggings. 

My responsibilities in the university required me to do a lot of travelling, and these travel experiences taught me one very important thing: NEVER wear tight jeans for long distance trips. Tight jeans give us cramps in the lower abdomen, and worst, may lead to urinary tract infection. So, whenever I travel, I either wear skirts, tights or leggings. 

At first I decided to stay low key and make this look totally black and white, with a simple necklace and silver sandals, but I know the long travel will get on me. I know I will look all pale and haggard when I arrive, so these pops of colors will surely help deviate people's attention away from my stressed face. These pops of colors from the multi-colored necklace and bright blue flats also does not make the look monochromatic.

So, from us here in Cebu, have a great week everyone!

Striped blouse - thrifted
Jeggings - Gaisano Mall Davao
Blue flats - Pastelleshoppe
Accessories - China Rose
Studded white leather bracelet - gifted (Thanks, Jhet!)

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