Monday, April 29, 2013

Where at?: Southern Leyte

Okay, so here's me taking a short break from studying in preparation for my Graduate School comprehensive exams. I have to pass this exam in order to qualify for thesis writing that will eventually lead to my MBA. Whew! Yea, I forgive you for sleeping through all those words.

Anyways, this is another delayed post detailing our visit to Southern Leyte a few weeks ago. From Camotes Island, we took the boat that would take us to Ormoc City, the home of the Queen Pineapple, which is the sweetest pineapple in the whole wide world (Okay, that's just biased. I honestly haven't tried any other pineapples but those in my country). This photo below is taken at the World War 2 Veterans and Centennial Park, which was constructed in honor of all the WW2 soldiers who fought for the liberation of the country.

We also visited the beautiful campus of Visayas State University and were so impressed with all its administration's efforts and successes in the various aspects of the university's operation. It's such an inspiration to a developing SUC like ours.

On our way to Baybay City, Leyte, we made a quick stop over at Hindang Caves and Wild Monkeys Park. Being in various caves already, like the ones in Mabinay and Tuguegarao, I honestly am not that impressed with the ones in Hindang. It's not that developed yet. It's not even lighted inside, so no one is still allowed to get in and really see what's inside. On the way up, you will also be greeted with a headache-causing stink because of the great number of bats residing in the cave. The beautiful rock formations can be a great consolation, however.

The monkeys appeared a few minutes later, and we had some fun feeding them with the bananas we bought before going up.

Our next stop was Agas-Agas Bridge. The place is quite known for its long zipline and cable car line, so we went and tried them. Errr... more like they went and tried both, while I only decided to hop on the cable car with four others, AND that took a lot of budging and convincing and all the serious courage I could muster. Fear of heights, that's why; but hey, that's me taking a few baby steps already!

Of course, who would ever miss the MacArthur Landing Memorial Park. That's third grade History lesson come to life! Errr, not quite, but you know what I mean.

Before traversing San Juanico Bridge, we made a quick stop at Rafael Farm. Look at that landscape!  I could have taken photos around the huge farm if not for the scorching heat. We got there at noontime, so you can just imagine the insane heat!

Aannnddd... Another Social Studies lesson come to life - San Juanico Bridge! This bridge is considered as the longest one in the Philippines.  It practically connects two islands - Leyte and Samar.

Our original plan was to visit one tourist spot in Samar upon getting there, but some friends at another university that we visited told us otherwise. Talk about political sh*t with the elections coming up.

So, those are just some of the beautiful spots you can visit in Southern Leyte. The Philippines is such a beautiful country with breathtaking natural wonders. I wish I will be able to visit all of them. Soon.


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