Thursday, April 11, 2013

Venture Out

I was excited when I was invited to a photoshoot with a friend but it made me hesitate at first knowing that I don't know her group of friends and the photographer. I'm kind of used to argey taking our pictures and all, so that sort of made me have second thoughts. But, oh well, what harm can it do anyways? Let's just take it as a 'venture out into little-known waters'. Hehe!

And so, here we are, the product of our fun shoot! Haha! We were expecting a group of five or eight girls but the last-minute-i-cant-make-it-today reason happened that day. Awww.. But the shoot turned out well. 

photo by glenn

See how we can dress up to our match our own personality? We just had to pick our own clothes according to the colors we decided and violaThat probably made it unexpectedly a great shoot! 

Till the next fun photoshoot guys! ;)

All the clothes I wore are all thrifted! :)
watch: timex
belt: thrifted
hot pink flats: local shop
wedge: primadonna
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