Tuesday, May 7, 2013

IMAX 3D Experience

Sorry for the very high quality pictures. We were all making use of our 'all in one cellphones' for the trip! hehe! Right. Sorry for the late blogpost. I know, i know it's been awhile. These past few days have been quite busy with work and extra 'income generating personal projects', but here I am finally able to spare time for our blog. Wink!

If you've followed me or janjie at IG, ours have been full of pictures from Cebu. We were off to the nearby island to experience our first ever imax 3D movie. Woot! And Ironman three was oh so worth it! I love you Tony Stark! I didn't know what to expect but jeez was I so excited. Well, we. Look at us, making fun of our glasses. Never did we forget how to have fun!

When we got inside I was like, woah, probably thrice the size at Movieworld! And as the movie starts, it was a bit uncomfortable to the eyes but as soon as you get used to it, it's just pure amazing. Tony is too! haha! So it was clear and realistic and fun and thus we couldn't have missed those pores on his face. Oh, girls! Ok, nevermind that..

So, until we meet again 3D glasses. Thanks for the experience! :-*

P.S. We couldn't miss dropping by at WAGW too! :)

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