Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Where at?: Camotes Island, Cebu

Part of the major thrusts of the university I work for is the personal development of both the faculty and staff members. This is done through various activities including the annual field trip to other state universities and colleges and benchmark on these institutions' best practices.

This year, our batch decided to visit Camotes Island in Cebu and Southern Leyte. Our first stop during this 1-week trip was Camotes Island. It was actually my first time in the island and I expected it to be just like Siquijor. Unlike Siquijor, however, Camotes is still very underdeveloped with no big establishments and very few vehicles around.

We first visited Timubo Cave. At first glance, the opening of the cave looks like an ordinary tunnel; but a few steps down leads you to amazing rock formations with fresh water dripping and oozing out from them.

A few steps down makes you think the cave is all rocks and mud...

... but this beautiful, very inviting natural pool awaits you and lures you to give in and have a dip. This is actually just the first chamber. There's still a small passage here that leads you to the next chamber for a quieter and more relaxing swim.

Look at how the gang is enjoying the water! It was really a struggle for them to get out of the water and climb up for our next destination.

Next item on our list was Lake Danao Park. The place is so scenic, you'll run out of words to describe it. The water is so calm that you can literally take a good mirror shot with it. Look at that reflection! You can practically flip any photo taken on it 180° and still get the same image.

The next day, we dropped by Hindang Caves before heading to Ormoc, and we were given enough dose of majestic view as parting gift. Too bad we were not able to have a dip on the cool water.  As I said, we were already on our way to our next destination, and so we decided against travelling wet. :)

The virgin Island of Camotes and its breathtaking tourist spots will remain as a wonderful memory to us. When you get the chance to visit the island, also do not forget to enjoy a good swim on their very clean beaches and sunbathe on the white powdery sands. You can also grab some really fresh seafoods at the San Francisco baywalk and ask the local food stall people to cook them for you. 

Til next time, Camotes!


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