Sunday, April 7, 2013

100: A Milestone

5. 13,500. 100. That is For All Things Pretty in numbers now.

Five months. Thirteen thousand five hundred page views. One hundred posts. 

Hurray! A new milestone for the blog... and, of course, for Jhet and Janjie, too!

At 5 months old, this blog is still a baby, and yet it has showed a lot of potential and gained loyal readership already. Though earning from this is not much of a top priority for us, it has slowly been leading us to that direction with more and more opportunities opening up. This blog, however, has served us more than that. It's kind of life-changing really; no matter how cheesy that may sound.


When we had our very first photoshoot, I was so excited to post everything on our blog. But on the verge of clicking the 'publish' button, some randomly overthinking thoughts rush through my mind, like 'what would be the reaction of people who know us?' and 'are we really doing this?' stuff. And whenever Janjie and I go to the mall or pass by people eyeing us, it's always 'oh my did she read our blog? ugh! what am i wearing?' scenario with myself. Although we never can avoid negative thoughts swirling round our heads, still we have to make that step to move forward. Look at us now, already at our 100th post to date! 

Over the last five months we have already been used to this (and so our friends and family too). Everytime we go on a photoshoot sometimes there's that certain feeling of 'getting tired of it all' coz of that question 'why again are we doing this?' and yet we still keep it going. I don't know why but everytime I try to think of how long we've been through and the 'goal' we are trying to aim is I think what pushes us to take another step forward (not to mention the growing number of pageviews we have had) and simply because we love what we're doing here. 

Well, now it's more like 'I know they'll love this new post' and 'we should do this' attitude.  Now it's more of excitement rather than fear. So, nah! who cares about stares and criticisms and the like? We want to do this and we love what we are doing. So that's probably it, I have learned to become even more positive and confident through this. As TS would say it, fearless.


I actually have been blogging since 2007, but my old blog is pretty much personal. This one, however, is different, because this is basically grounded on our passion - our love for clothes, food, and all other things pretty - and share to the world our thoughts about them.

Those five months with For All Things Pretty have been really fulfilling. Despite it being a hard work maintaining and regularly updating a blog, you can tell how much fun we are having based on the number of posts we've completed this early.

If there's one thing that blogging changed in me, it's acceptance and added respect to the diversity of humans. Personally, I've learned to accept my flaws as a person. We just cannot compare ourselves with others. They, too, have flaws of their own. The only way one can continue to get inspired to get on with this kind of thing is to acknowledge what others have to say, while standing on your own ground. Once we've completely accepted things, then, follows respect. The web is a wide universe, and it's dominated with people of diverse personalities and backgrounds. Comparison here then becomes futile, as never can we set one against another on the grounds of diversity and multifariousness of our existence. Everything basically boils down to doing what you love and respecting what others do, too. 

In celebration of this significant milestone in the life of For All Things Pretty, we are happy to announce the following developments in the blog.

1. For All Things Pretty New Logo

Hurray! So, to mark this celebration, we are launching this blog's new logo!

What do you think?


Yep! Our own domain name. Hooray! We thought it's about time to use our names on shorten the links. Hehe...

3. Garage Sale

Aaaannndd! We'll be holding an online garage sale at SUPER-DUPER-ULTRA-MEGA LOW prices via Pastelleshoppe ( soon! So, you may want to like the page to keep yourself posted. Oh, and on that note, might as well like our official Facebook Fan Page, too,, for updates on giveaways and stuff.

We also wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to YOU, our dear readers, for making all these wonderful things happen. We promise to continue giving you more top quality, fair, and legit posts, so please stick around, okay?

A BIG thanks also goes to Argey ( for always taking wonderful pictures of us.... and, Keith for being our PA most of the time. *wink!

'til the next 100, 500, and many, many more posts to come...


Jhet and Janjie
© For All Things Pretty