Sunday, March 31, 2013

Strut that Summer Bod

With the insane heat and the crazy hot breeze, there's no denying that summer is here! It's time to hit the beach, and fab ladies only do it For All Things Pretty way!

Have you been looking for the perfect pair of swimsuit? Swimsuits are tricky pieces of clothing. They can either make you look drab or fab. And yes, there's even nothing in between. It's just a make or a break, a hit or a miss!

It is for this reason that girls usually spend a lot of time in serious search for the perfect piece for them. Swimsuit shopping is a crucial business (boys really have no idea). There are a lot of things that we need to consider. We, girls, need to get to know our body first. Let's admit it, okay. There are just certain styles of swimsuits that do not match our bodies.

For extra flabby girls out there, a two-piece set won't probably be a very good idea. It's like flaunting to the world our 'liabilities', isn't it? One piece swimsuits and high-waisted ones, specifically those that give an extra hold to that part that needs holding, will work better. Two piece swimmies, on the other hand, are so effortlessly sexy; but those with slimmer frames are the ones who deserve these, though.

There's not that many places to find fab, stylish swimwear, which is why most girls only settle with what they see at the department stores. Luckily, we have online shops now to save the day! However, not many fits into this blog's OC criteria. So, when we speak of fab swimming pieces for all shapes and sizes, that are also affordable and wallet-friendly, there's only one shopping site that we highly recommend -

Allow me to show you my personal favorites among I Love Koi's pretty finds.

1. Plumpinup in Nautical Navy: Isn't this nautical ensemble soooo pretty?! This one's actually part of I Love Koi's collection for the plump Filipina, but it's just so pretty it's not right to limit its possibilities. 

Plumpinup in Nautical Navy
 2. SlumberDoll in Blue Polka: Going retro, anyone? Go vintage chic with this blue polka one piece! 
Slumberdoll in Blue Polka
3. Normandi in Black: Black is such a classic shade. Aside from its magic to make the body look slimmer and longer, it's also always safe to use. Now, look at the intricate web detail! Such a genius curves maker!
Normandi in Black
4. Bellarocca Halter in Fuchsia & Blue: This one's for the pa-cutesy you. Fuchsia and sky blue combo's such a sweety!
Bellaroca Halter in Fuchsia and Blue
5. Viderlina in Royal Blue: If you're not very 'gifted' and wants to put on additional width on the chest area, this one's your savior. It's subtly sexy without the cup size requirement - perfect for girls, like us, with non-existent cleavage (ehem... not complaining... hihi) ;-)
Viderlina in Royal Blue
 6. Paradigma in Leopard: Ah, this one's love! Such a perfect mix of sexiness and sophistication, don't you think?
Paradigma in Leopard
Make sure you know your exact size before ordering, though. Take note of the size guide before placing an order. You may also check out I Love Koi's Facebook Page for regular updates.

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