Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yeah, We're Weird Like That

It's weird how Jhet and I think the same way most times. It's like some parts of our brains are patterned the same way. And this is not only exhibited in how we sometimes show up in identical outfits, but also in how we say exactly the same things. Like when she says, 'Hey, I was supposed to say the same thing, too!", in that childish-whiny-Jhet-voice. Then I'll answer, "I told you we're one and the same person in our past lives". This time, though, it's the identical outfit moment. The boyfs are getting used to this, thank goodness, so they no longer need to be explained in detail and be convinced that NO, we did not agree nor talk about our outfits.

Yeah, we're weird like that.
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