Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One Sunday...

Baguio? Nope. Dauin! haha!

Don't you just love the Baguio-like atmosphere? Visiting Baguio is on the top of my to-do list this year. I want to pick strawberries, wear cold-weather-appropriate outfits, hoard ukay-ukay finds, experience fog again, and so much more! Oh, Baguio! Verrrrry soon... *fingers crossed

Last Sunday, Jhet, some friends, and I were busy with a video project for a man very special to our group. We had fun working with some kids who are all so eager to participate, and who have artista potential I tell you. They all nailed our instructions. When we told them to laugh and give off happy vibes, they effortlessly did. They were all genuinely excited when we asked them to look so. Even that one word that we asked them to say and to couple with eagerness also came out well. These kids also were very obedient and never uttered a word of complaint despite being asked to repeat scenes for various camera angles. Hang talented at hang professional! :D

It was tiring, too, because I have to kid-talk, play, run around with them, and show them how to do things for the camera. Whew! Nevertheless, it was fun and I am ser excited to see the final output! 

The activity ended with fresh buko shake and cool sea breeze at Pura Vida. Being in Pura Vida is like being in a foreign country. Like, 90% of the resort occupants are foreigners! How ironic that I'm the one from Negros Oriental, yet I am the one who felt so out of place there. Nevertheless, I'm happy that the efforts of the Provincial Tourism are well paid off. 

The main man of the shoot, by the way, is the talented Cham (aka Mr. Tatsuo) of Tatsuo Productions. Check out his works here: http://tatsuoproductions.com/

Jhet and I will be super busy in the coming weeks. Second Annual Pylon Filmfest, lesgo! 


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