Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's a Wrap!

One time, we were out looking for the perfect summer board shorts and was lucky to find one. However, my thrifty self just said goodbye to it, placed it back the rack and said, I'll come by again soon. Now, I regretted ever making that decision. Whenever a friend is in the same situation, I was there to say, buy it now and spare yourself from regret or somebody will get this if you don't. And there I was not taking my own advice! Snap!

So, as I saw this blouse from the boutique window, I just had the urge to buy it or else, well, suffer that awwwwww regret again. And as every purchase done, an equal feeling of contentment and happiness fills my smile as I received my paper bag from the counter. Aahhh. Thank goodness I took my own advice. Hooray! I'm gonna have to pat my own back for listening to me. Thank you jhet for being there for yourself. Haha! I feel like a little puppy who had just found a bone to chew on!

Aissa's boutique ("my favourite boutique" as what I refer it to my friends) is quite a small shop at Piapi, near Flamin' Grill. I call it as such because you can find cute items, such as necklaces, bangles, slip-ons, perfumes, blouses, and lots more, that are also right for your kikayness budget. Trust me, I can't count how many stuffs I have bought from the shop already, for myself and even gifts for my friends. 

What do you think? Feeling the summer so much already!

Wonder what Janjie and I were up to? Our last two Sundays were merely packed with movie shoot and food. Hehe! We're definitely getting ready for our upcoming Pylon Yearbook Camp and Alumni Homecoming with a Film Fest on the side. We're no actors but just film directors and scriptwriters (coughs). But, without our ever loyal alumni and retirees and mr tatsuo,  our movie would've gone down the drain. So thank you dearies for standing the heat of the sun and, not to mention the costumes! (wink!) 


Jhet & Janjie
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