Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food Trippin': Kalikaf

Janjie and I had to brainstorm for the upcoming tasks we have to do, so we decided to discuss it over dinner. I convinced her to try Kalikaf (short for Kalikasan Cafe) over at Robinsons and her initial reaction was, "THAT healthy food shop?!" Skeptical and uncertain initial reactions always come from young people like us (ehem) whenever it comes to organic and healthy food. I myself was doubtful at first that it may not pass my level of taste. Even my first thought of Kalikaf was, who'd want to eat all green and leafy, all organic dishes from appetizers to desserts? My brain inevitably processes organic food as in equal to my mom's tea bags, red rice, and all those everyday and everything all natural products. Hehe!

So what made me make the move to try 'that healthy food shop'? Remember my friend I told you guys about from my last post? She and I had set our lunch date over at Kalikaf one time and those thoughts of my mother's tea bags suddenly come into my mind. While walking towards the restaurant, I thought of what I could possibly eat in this all natural food shop, since it was then my first time. 

So, we arrived at the shop, and the place never failed to impress me and my friends. We had quite a few minutes on the menu (Janjie's still a bit worried how the food might taste now that it's organic and all)

After a few minutes of deliberation and serious contemplation, I should say (look at our serious looks), we finally placed our order,  and here's what we got.

Calamares with Pesto and Yogurt Dip. They are really tasty and flavorful that you can eat them without the dip. The coating is mixed with herbs and spices, which makes biting into its crunchiness a really wonderful experience. The yogurt and pesto dip were also delectable. They truly made this calamares experience even more delightful. 

Fruit Pizza (fruits in season, cheese and spices). Seriously, fruit pizza? Now who would think that meat and ham could be substituted by mangoes, apples, pineapples and raisins? Wondering how that tastes, aren't you? Surprisingly delicious! Its thin crispy crust, cheesiness, and perfect mix of sweetness and saltiness gives a delightful blend of sensations. Plus, the pizza is not greasy, unlike the other commercial pizzas you see. It's definitely a must try at Kalikaf! Janjie and I even wanted to make our own version of it. Soon. ;)

Sizzling Seafood (an assortment of seafood and vegetables with brown rice). We're really not much of vegetable eaters, but this, definitely, brought out the vegan in us. This dish is so flavorful, I can eat it everyday! 

Garlic Prawn Pasta (linguini, prawns, garlic, lemon, honey and herbs). Delicious is not even enough to describe this. This pasta is the perfect fusion of flavors. I have not tasted anything quite like it. This dish is surely on my ready list of to-eat when I go back to Kalikaf. 

Carrot Shake, Mango Juice, and Apple & Banana Shake. One word: HEAVENLY!

Will we recommend it to you? Y-E-S! Janjie even wants to have dinner there again on the next day! Haha! See? Not bad to try healthy organic food once in a while, is it? Everything is so worth the price! And with that, we and Kalikaf say:

You can say going back to Kalikaf is on our top to-do list this month. Janjie and I just can't seem to have enough of it. We want to try everything on their menu, especially their organic ice cream. Oooh, malunggay and ginger ice cream! Wait for us, okay?!


Those smiles are definite proof of our delighful gastronomic experience! 'Til next time, Kalikaf!

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