Monday, May 13, 2013

All Covered Up!

For the past week, my daily staples have always been my jeggings, closed shoes and of course anything to cover up my arms (most importantly). Since our trip from argey's hometown (to celebrate his birthday), I have had these rashes that seemed to occur because of the heat of the summer, probably dust and (got worse) because of my lunch and dinner chicken meals. Ugh! Seriously? But I'm glad the rashes have gone (almost), however the itching hasn't stopped yet. And, I have to always carry with me my handy dandy calamine lotion just in case.

It has been a week of living indoors and going out for important matters only, going off to the mall when my itching starts again (just to get free airconditioning haha!). Though what I miss the most is eating chicken. I'm not really allergic to it, but just to prevent the rashes and the itching, let's just try to avoid these kind of food. Sigh! Discipline, work your magic!


top: thrifted
cover up: thrifted
jeggings: the thrifter's closet
shoes: hebe mla
accessories: janjie's
bag: mom's ;)
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