Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Office Staple

I know, I know, you don't have to shout that to my face! It's been soooooo long since my last outfit post, and I don't really have a very plausible excuse ready. This blog never left my mind, but there are just so many things going on which makes it so hard to take outfit shots regularly.

Anyhoo, here's one that I managed to have taken last week during a short visit to the mall after office and after Jheck's shoot, and yep, you guessed it, before our double dinner date/blog work over at 2 Story Kitchen

Here's the thing. I'm having trouble concentrating on this post right now. I'm STRESSING over all this delay in the local election results! Ugh! Where the F are the results now? Where're the remaining 50+% of the election returns? An incompetent, inexperienced lady just got voted for Senate! An ex-president who was ousted for corruption just got elected Mayor of the country's capital! The transmission of results is snail-slow in Negros Oriental and leaves a very small margin between the votes for the vice-gubernatorial candidates! AND my phone is beeping non-stop with texts for updates! How can I NOT be STRESSING! HOW?! 

Whoa! Sorry. Now you're stressing, too. Let's just talk about the look, shall we? Now let me check that title again. Oh, alright. Office comfy outfit for me is summed up in this formula: Oversized polo + jeans + flats = Instant Office Wear. I love how I can always rummage through the boyfie's closet and steal borrow some of his long sleeved polos and wear it to work when I run out of them. And this happened for quite some time this week, though this one that I'm wearing here is a new find from the thrift store. 

People around me have noticed how I've gained some weight. Therefore, apart from doing Zumba workout regularly (I'm on my third week now. Yay!), I make sure I wear clothes with prints that won't enhance my additional weight. I now go for vertical stripes and prints that will elongate and slim down my figure. So when I found this polo at the thrift shop one time, I just grabbed it and brought it to the counter without even trying on. Thankfully, it came out to be just the exact oversize that I like.  

This pair of boyfriend jeans is another thrift find. I've been looking for them ever since I started drooling over how Bestie looks so good in them. I love how this one is just the right fit, too, - not too loose, not too tight. And look how the slim red belt gives the look a nautical vibe! Lakas maka-summer! Haha!

I wish all this stress will be over soon. I've already been through so much these past few weeks, and I HAVE to look good for an important shoot this weekend. Yay!

Polo, jeans, bag - thrifted
Closed low wedge shoes - Zara
Necklace - Mags
Two-stone ring - Given (Thank you, Ma'am C!)
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