Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FTP Beauty Staple: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

I have always been a fan of matte lippies.  I love how they're shine-free and make the lips appear more natural than their glossy counterpart. When I first acquired my first shade of Nyx soft matte lip cream from Glam Street, I just knew that I will forever be a matte fan. I then felt so ecstatic knowing that I finally have THE ONE, the perfect matte lip tint for my daily beauty needs. 

The first shade that I was able to try was Addis Ababa, and I never stopped using it since then.  During one of our photoshoots, I asked Jhet to try it, too, and we were so pleased with how pretty it looked in the pictures.  Because it gives you that matte finish, it doesn't reflect with the light or the camera flash, and it makes the lips appear naturally tinted.  It's soooo picture-perfect! 

Nyx soft matte lip cream is highly pigmented yet so lightweight.  It's so soft and creamy which makes it so easy to apply and blend, and its doe foot applicator is a huge bonus.  It also does not go off easily; it lasts for a very long time.  Nyx boasts that this cream contains a moisturizing formula, despite its dry and light feel; and to top that, it smells amazing, too!  I don't recommend it (alone), however, to those with dry and cracked lips, as some of the cream settles on the creases and makes it look awful, but some lip gloss will do the trick (I do that sometimes).  For non-matte fans out there, you will still love this product under your favorite lip gloss. 

Right now, these three shades never leave my beauty kit. They're now my daily beauty staple!  By the way, thank you Glam Street for supplying me with these!

Now, allow me to show you how each shade looks.

Here with Antwerp

Antwerp is a mid-tone, yellow-toned pink. Its nude peachy shade is ideal for that natural, daily look as shown in the photo above.

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa has that bright fuchsia shade that gives off an instant youthful vibe. It's my favorite among the shades that I have and now I'm running out of supply.  I am currently in a desperate search for a new one. 

Addis Ababa over a Mac Red shade
I also tried using Addis Ababa over my Mac Red lipstick, and I was really happy with the result of the combined shades.  The lip cream toned down the bitchy redness and gave my lips a matte finish, ready for the camera.  

San Paulo

I gave Jhet a lip cream in San Paulo for her birthday, and she just loved it.  She uses it every single day.  I also got me my own San Paulo shade. It's currently my daily lip tint, now that I'm saving up my Addis Ababa for special occasions only until I find a new one.  

The Nyx soft matte lip cream is actually available in 13 amazing shades. Now I have my eyes set on Amsterdam and Monte Carlo. 

What's your daily lip tint?
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