Friday, May 10, 2013

Food Trippin': 2Story Kitchen

Don't these pictures look like they're borne right out of an interior design magazine? Well, that's because they are! Nope! Haha! Just kidding. Seriously, this is how 2Story Kitchen looks like from inside. All these beautiful, artsy details just make you want to have a picture with the entire wall as the backdrop.

If you visit Arts & Crafts sites like, you will even more appreciate this shop's interior. Like, really! Everything is just so pretty you would want to take all of them home with you!

Of course, us, girls, just can't let a wonderful place like this go to waste, can we? So, here we are cam-whoring like crazy! You honestly can't blame us. Visit the shop, then you'll know why.

With all these beautiful details, one will know that 2Story Kitchen's design and interior are well-planned and meticulously thought of.

I love how each dining area on the second floor is contained in individual cubicles, like those of Korean or Japanese restaurants. Each dining area is so cozy, it won't seem right to just use it for dining. You also have the option to whether get the comfy low-rise tables and just sit on the carpeted floor or dine in those 4-seater cubicles and get some privacy. Each option is a win that you'll really feel how one visit just can't be enough.

I love how each table has this special bell attached that makes getting the waiters' attention never a hassle. Seriously, every food shop just got to have this!

Alright, now let's talk about the food.

We ordered their special Blended Iced Tea and Mango Shake for our drinks.  The iced tea blend is heaven, as all iced tea shakes are; but the mango shake is a little bland. What's particularly interesting in these drinks, however, is that you can't feel the ice melting on your tongue in every sip. It's THAT well-blended! 

Jhet is currently having allergies attack, so she stays away from chicken and seafood, except fish that is. She ordered this Garlic Fish Fillet, and had this to say: "The combination of the garlic, calamansi and this sauce, is a joy to the palate." And joy it really was. The yellowfin tuna was so tender, and it didn't have that particular fish smell and aftertaste that I just can't take. This is surely gonna end up in my order list when I come back.

Keith got this Herbed Pork Chop, and man, Jhet and I ended up eating like half of it! Haha! The pork is so tasty, and tender, and just perfectly cooked. What I always hate about herbed pork chops is the conspicuous presence of herbs that makes the pork chop look like it's been dropped on a freshly mowed lawn. 2Story's presentation, thankfully, did not include the cooked herbs, yet you can really taste its presence in the recipe.

Jheck had the Chicken Milanese. It's so crispy and crunchy on the outside, yet the chicken's perfectly tender inside. The meat is also filled with so much flavor, and the crispy breading complements it rightly.

Aanndd.... I got this! Ham Pimiento Pasta! Well, this is actually my first time to try this pasta, and it already gained a spot on my must-cook items list. If I 'decoded' this recipe just right, then I might be able to replicate it at home. *fingers crossed. One thing, though, I think there's just too much pimiento in here. It's better, I guess, to have more of the ham instead.  

We also got to try their Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Well, this tasted great, but I think we could use a better toasted bread. The grilled chicken's worth it, though. 

For dessert, we ordered Snowman Waffle, and we're glad we ordered just one for the four of us, because the size is just plain scary. The waflle's great and the caramel-topped whipped cream is pure delish, and well, you know how good ice cream is.

2 Story Kitchen's hip and edgy look and its unique interiors really add a whole lot more to its guests' delicious gastronomic experience. Its comfy and cozy atmosphere is so captivating that it makes you want to just stay there for the entire day. It also makes us, Dumagueteños, happy to have a wonderful hang-out place like this to add to our long list of must-visit sites in the city.

2 Story Kitchen is the former Noriter, which was once located just across the Street. It's in Sta. Catalina Street, beside the old Avon Building.

Will we come back? Oh, geez, I wanna eat there again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that... I can live there!

Will we recommend it to you? Absolutely. And we know we won't be embarrassed by doing so.

'Til the next Food Trippin' post, loves!


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