Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cupcake Story: Kitty Purry

Shy (a friend of mine) and me (yours truly) have been a little bit busy in the kitchen department recently. We have actually been baking these yummy cupcakes for quite a while now and thought to give it a try in the business arena also. Well, as you know we are so artsy about so many stuffs that even food can't escape us too. It so started out as just baking brownies to cupcakes to finally having our very first customer! Yipee! And as special request, kitten cupcakes. Meow!

You know this is, truly, beginner's luck. With no major course on baking or frosting 101, we totally nailed this. Piece of cake! Well, uhm, it was a bit hard to tell you, honestly. Though self teaching is the best way to learn important and unforgettable lessons. See? We learned!

Anyhoo, just look at how adorable these little kitties are. Aren't they a cutie? Purrr.

Check out our first try with decorations! 

For my mom special:

Until the next cupcake story you guys!


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