Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bridesmaid Duties: Jheck + Janjie

Jheck and Janjie's wedding was simply a blast! It was a colorful, unique, fun and out of the ordinary wedding. Finally something different for once. The girls were bridesmaids slash flower girls  and the guys were groomsmen slash ring, bible, and coin bearers as well. See? Oh, and don't forget our cute little outfits to match the not so traditional celebration. Artsy ain't it? Not to mention everything is almost DIY. 

We were also doing our own hair and make-up by the way. Told you everything was do it yourself! And we did, thank goodness, pull it off quite beautifully! Whew. Not to mention the power interruption on the big day got us delayed on the hairstyle department, but we still made it to church just in the nick of time. 

Oooh, sexy back! Hehe! And that's our floral crowns I'm holding :)

Why do these lashes take too long to put?

And since it was Janjie's big day, I was asked and begged and forced to do emcee duties. Even Keith was asked and forced and begged. Well he was more on forced. Hah!

Rereading the script before curtain call?

Remember my DIY collar necklace tutorial? See it here.

Giant paper rose and hand painted sneakers.

And tadah....bridesmaid duties done! *wink!

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