Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Missy No More: The Bridal Shower

Okay, before we go to the main point of this post, let me just share our wedding's Save the Date video for those of you who are not friends with me or do not follow me on Facebook. 

This, of course, is shot and edited by our dear friend and the brilliant mind behind Tatsuo Productions, The Chamberlain Guevarra. The video basically talks about our love story. Argey is a photographer, and I, well, you can see through this blog that I usually am the one in front of the lens. So, Argey and I decided to make a script that will be a genuine reflection of us as a couple and as individuals, a script that will transform into a fun, quirky, feel-good video. Cham, of course, ultimately did it justice, as he always does. 

Click on the photo to be redirected to the video link.
To say that a lot has happened since my last blog post is a real understatement. There were gazillions of things that were so blog-worthy that I just have to let pass because of my lack of time and right mindset then. Do I have the proper mindset now, you ask? Actually, no. I am still on a weird kind of high, really, what with all the wonderful blessings that Jheck and I have been receiving of late.

So, anyway, while we are still gathering all the photos taken by our wonderful photographer friends, let me share to you the craziness that is my bridal shower.

Having crazy, creative, wonderful girlfriends is just one of the many things that I thank the Lord for everyday. They are my shock-absorbers, confidantes, beauty consultants, cheerleaders, critics, and the ones I wish to hang out with until we all become grandmothers. 

So, the girls arranged for a bridal shower just days before my wedding. Being the OC that I am, I made sure that I know most of their plans to ensure a stress-free, liquor-free, and stripper-free shower. I particularly asked Jhet for a relaxing evening, with only the girls who are part of the entourage in attendance. 

It turned out to be just the way I like it, with only my closest girls around. It was laid-back, fuss-free, but still fun. Here's a snippet of what happened that night.

The invites Jhet made... Note: They're little dresses. :-)
Quirky paper cups & paper straws I am totally crazy about...


DIY paper pompoms

I guess I looked like this the entire night! Geez...

With Keeya's touchy note. It's so sad Keeya missed this. :-(

Thanks, Leop! We're surely going to put those aromatic candles to good use (*wink)

Uhh... we'll might as well put this to good use, too! Ahahaha...

Thank you, Jhetty! For organizing this, and for everything!

Sissy's gift is this magazine. How awkward can that get?

Yea.. I was that surprised at what's inside. Graphic demos, anyone? Ahahaha...

Thank you, Girls!
We ended the night with some good food and acoustic music at Hayahay Resto Bar. 

Jhet, Bea and I stayed at the hotel for the night and started the next day with picture-taking. I wish we get to do this often; the next time, with Keeya and Leop already... hopefully.

I owe you guys a lot of pending posts already, but my schedule just won't allow me to do all the updating right now; but I promise you won't be missing a thing. I have all them lined up already. There's our pre-nup shoots, details of our fun wedding day, post-nup details, and some tutorials on DIY wedding stuff.

Please keep posted!

With love,


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