Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Right Way to Fly

Recently, Argey and I have been talking of going away for some quality time together.  Since the wedding, we haven't had much of a rest really, what with work and all of our other responsibilities.  So, yeah, we haven't gone on a honeymoon yet.  Sad.

Travelling to somewhere far and unfamiliar is just one of the things that we wish to do before the year ends. We have not done any long-distance travel this year yet (except for the usual Cebu trips) and it's almost the end of the year!  It's such a bummer considering we've had short vacations for two years in a row (Davao in 2011 and Los Baños in 2012).

So, for this year, we are planning of embarking on a get-away to one of these places that are included in our destination wish list:

1. Davao City
      - Though Argey and I have already been to Davao for quite a number of times, it will always be a special city to us, because, as you know, that is where he proposed.  (Wedding proposal story HERE.)  Maybe visiting Jack's Ridge again and that very spot where he popped the question will give us the same bliss we had at that moment.  Or maybe we can go on a little adventure together and head to Samal. Ah, the many possibilities!
Argey and I at Eden Nature Park, Davao, December 2011
2. Puerto Princesa
       - We have never been to Palawan yet, but we have heard of how beautiful and clean the province is. Perhaps, we can also go on a backpacking tour and visit the neighboring cities and towns of Palawan, as well.  Now that is just what we need right now: a little dose of ADVENTURE!

Photo from HERE

3. Cagayan de Oro
      - Ah, CDO! Going around CDO and visiting its beautiful waterfalls and caves will definitely be one romantic get-away.

Photo taken from HERE.

Unlike our previous travels together, this one will definitely mean so much more to both of us, since this will be our first as husband and wife.  We plan to make it as memorable, as fun, and as practical as our wedding day.  We plan to make the most out of it, without having to spend so much, of course.  Well, you know our mantra: "Doing more with less."

We all know how plane fare always eats up a large portion of our travel budget.  That is why a low-cost airline is our best choice. Oh, and speaking of low-cost and best choice, Air Asia Zest, the new brand name of the synergized forces of Air Asia and Zest Air, just announced that it now flies directly from Manila (NAIA Terminal 4), after moving its flights from Clark.

Now, AirAsia Zest flies from Manila to your favorite local and Asian destinations.  Choose to travel in the Philippines and visit the places you still have never been to.  You can also travel in Asia with AirAsia Zest and discover the wonders of our neighboring countries.  Do all these without having to spend so much on air fare with AirAsia Zest's signature low fares. 

If you've been following this blog, you'll know that if we sum up everything that's posted here, one word comes on top: PRACTICALITY, which in my dictionary means getting more, but spending less.  Fun and enjoyment do not always cost too much.  It's only a matter of finding the right way to spend.  And you are given just that with AirAsia Zest, THE RIGHT WAY TO FLY.
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