Saturday, October 5, 2013

Missy No More: The Pre-Nup Shoot

Alright, here is my last pre-wedding story post before we go and talk about the details of our wedding. Argey and I had two sets of pre-nup shoot. We were actually planning for a third using our DIY stuff as props and styling them Etsy style, but we just ran out of time. Two weeks before the wedding (the time we planned to have our third set of shoot), however, we just found ourselves either too busy or too tired to do it. Then, Ed of EdXPhotography, offered his amazing talent and did a pre-nup shoot with us. He, as you know, also took pictures during our wedding day, and I know I could not thank him and his girl, Bernadette, enough for this. It's kind of hard to take in really, that he, one of Dumaguete's finest photographers, did all of these for Argey and me.

To see the full set, click HERE.

However, before this shoot with Ed, Argey and I already had a DIY pre-nup shoot of some sort. It was just the two of us plus Jhet and Keith, whom we asked help from since there are angles that are quite impossible to take with only a tripod. Jhet and Keith really are our ultimate life savers. No kidding.

The shoot took place in one hotel room, one that would be perfect for the pictures that I was thinking then. I wanted it to be fun and intimate in a dream-like setting with a wash-out background and us in white shirts.

Here's some of my favorites:

We then disarranged the hotel room's fixtures to make it a little appropriate for our second set.


Now these ones below are the real DIY photos. These were taken the morning after. Argey and I took advantage of our remaining hours in the hotel and took some more photos. Here are some of my favorites:

It's amazing how people still compliment Argey and I for our "beautiful" and "unique" wedding. Of course, there are also those who have gotten used to what is practiced and do not understand our theme, even family members at first; but their love and support are way bigger than their belief for the traditional.

We may have raised some eyebrows with our choice to be indifferent, but as Pope Francis once said, "The youth should make a mess in this world." So there. That's us making a "mess" - one that we know we will never ever regret, one that we know we will always be happy to look back at.


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