Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Worry-Free Outdoors

Being a first-time mom, I am always overprotective of my daughter.  Like all moms, I just want to shield her from all the harms and hurts in the world.  That is why letting her play outdoors just freak me out all the time.  Imagine all the pests and all the dangers there are outside of the confines of our homes!  However, we cannot always safeguard them inside of our overly protective embraces, can we?  Exposing them to the elements of the outdoors as early as now is for their own good, isn't it?

Today, I braved my own fears and let K play outdoors.  I let her chase Wabby, our dog, around the dusty ground, play ball on the grass, and just enjoy being outside of the house.  It took a lot of courage, I tell you, not to help her get up after seeing her stumble to the ground sometimes.  I read somewhere that moms should also let their kids get up on their own after falling so that they'll learn to be independent.  It somehow teaches them to properly deal with their future failures - they'll learn how to get up from every fall instead of just wailing aloud and waiting for us to rescue them all the time.

Seeing K having the time of her life playing outdoors relieved all my trepidation.  I saw her happy little face giggling and laughing as she ran around and turning all curious as she stopped to examine the things that caught her interest.  And that made me realize how I have been restricting her all this time.  Yes, it is my responsibility to look after her, but it should not be to the point of confining her in my safe little space where her learning is constricted.

By providing K with the right protection that she needs every day, I can stop worrying about all the outdoor elements and start really enjoying our precious times together.  Good thing OFF!Insect Repellent Lotion always got us covered.  What I like about OFF! is that it just has the right, mild citronella smell that my overly sensitive nose can easily handle.  Another insect repellent lotion that I used previously gave my husband constant headaches.

OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion has always been our family's staple.  I never let our shelf run out of it ever since K got admitted for Dengue Fever.  Dengue is a serious disease and I try so hard to prevent it from affecting our family again.  With OFF!, I know K is protected.  I know that even if she is outdoors, she is safe from all the disease-carrying mosquitoes around her.  With OFF!, I know that even if K is out of my protective embrace, she still has the right protection that she needs.
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