Thursday, January 12, 2017

Arise 2017 with Kitchie Nadal

Last Saturday, we were invited to TCF Media's Arise 2017 with Kitchie Nadal and we couldn't have been more grateful.  We definitely had a great time singing along with some OPM hits and got treated to some Bisaya pop songs as well.  It feels good to get some time to just relax with the hubby and some good friends and be serenaded by wonderful bands.

I loved how cool and chill the event was.  I loved how TCF Media organized it to be laidback and fuss-free - speaking so much about life in Dumaguete.  The front acts were also amazing.  They were such remarkable artists - not just musicians - and I'm sure that the crowd, just like I did, really felt these artists' hearts and the passion they put in every single song.  It made me conclude that they were especially hand-picked for the night and that the concert was subtly structured to give more than just entertainment to the crowd.  

Istorya Isla


Mike Fegi and Joy Kristine

Ahhhh…. Kitchie Nadal! I love her! I’ve loved her ever since she launched “Same Ground”. Ugh, I LOVE THAT SONG!  When it was sung that night, so many memories came flooding back.  I especially remembered how I would always tune in to Myx Top 10 and sing along with it at the top of my lungs, then I would just relish the pain it caused my chest. Ah, the melancholic that I was!  

It was definitely a great show!  Kudos, TCF Media!  I pray for the success of all your events this year and in the coming years. 

On a different note, as you have probably noticed, Jhet and I finally decided to give this blog another chance. We're really amazed at how this blog continues to grow in patronage in spite of the fact that we've practically abandoned it for so long.  Certain restructurings and redesigns would need to be in place and we will strive to give you more meaningful and noteworthy posts.  We will also get back our old domain name soon, so stay tuned.  

We are so excited for you, 2017!  Praying that this year will be a great and fruitful one for everyone. 

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